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Education Health and Care Hub

The EHC Hub

The EHC Hub is an online area for families, professionals and education settings to work together and contribute on Education, Health and Care (EHC) assessments, plans and reviews.

The Hub puts children and their families at the heart of these processes and provides secure access to anyone who needs to be able to contribute and view information.

Find out more about Education Health and Care Needs Assessments and the Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) process.

Using the Hub

When you log into the EHC Hub you will receive a text message with a single-use code.
The code may take a minute to arrive. If you don’t receive it then please try to log in again and another code will be sent.

If you need help using the system you can read our user guides or watch the guidance videos.

Account registration guide video

Parent and carer guide for requesting an assessment on the Hub (Word, 5MB) .

If you have any technical issues logging in please contact Peter Thomas at

Guides for professionals

SENCO EHC Hub guide for requesting an assessment on the Hub (Word, 3MB) .

SENCO guide. Completing an Annual Review on the Hub (PDF, 2 MB)

Health professionals guide (Word, 6MB) .

Last updated: 20 August 2021

Question 1

I often get a “you have new information” email, but receive no guide as to what has been updated.  Can anything be done about this?


All the email notifications from the EHC Hub can be configured with specific messaging.  Due to data security, the child’s/young person’s details cannot be given, but it is possible to add information around specific stages.  For example, when a decision has been made to assess or not, rather than say “you have new information”, it could say something like “a decision on whether to assess a child or young person has been made on a case that you are associated with – CASE ID”.  Work is currently  being undertaken to develop these email notification templates.

Question 2

If a child is dual registered or visits two schools, it would be beneficial for both schools to have an opportunity to add to the plan before the assessment process begins.  Is it possible to do this?


When a plan is in draft only the person who started it can see it.  It is possible for two SENCOs to see the plan at the setting stage, but only one can request a plan.  There is a Hub update coming which will allow SENCOs to download the assessment in draft, so that they can email it.

Question 3

Can the Hub have an auto save function?


Unfortunately, auto save is not currently possible.  The Hub does automatically log a user out after 30 mins of non-activity, or if you lose your internet connection.  This is a security measure in line with best practice guidelines.  Saving regularly is always encouraged.  Please also ensure that the EHC Hub is not being accessed via Internet Explorer browser as this is not supported.  It is recommend accessing the Hub via Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome of Firefox.  Some display screen measures have been introduced as a prompt, such as a floating save button on the screen, to encourage the saving of work.

Question 4

Why was SALT [Speech and Language Therapy] information not visible to me even though the professional had filled in her information?


At the Assessment stage, other professional’s advice is not visible to you until you have completed and submitted your own advice.

Question 5

When a consultation is started following the statutory assessment, the school that is being consulted with is not able to see the advice provided by professionals at assessment stage, they can only see the draft plan.  Is this something that should be available to them to see and if not, is there any way, other than me downloading all of the information and e-mailing it separately, for this to happen?


IDOX have explained that this is a bug and will be fixed by the next Hub upgrade.

Question 6

When issues are reported to the IDOX Help Desk, they seem to be prioritised as a low priority and an issue like an outage can have a big impact.  Why is this?


The messages are automated and it is not that IDOX feel that the issue is a low priority.  The standard response time for a Level 1 priority is 12 hours, but IDOX is only aware of one outage to date and this was resolved within 20 minutes.

IDOX has the facility to put a bespoke message on the Hub screen when requested to do so, e.g., to explain that there is an outage.  The Local Authority will make use of this function moving forwards and ensure that the page is updated to reflect

Question 7

The Hub seems to work well with general annual reviews when plans do not require significant changes.  If they do require significant changes, we have had to complete it on the Hub and also make changes like we used to on the original EHC Plan Word document too and upload that also.  Is there anything that can be done regarding this?


Due to the Local Authority uploading the outcomes only onto the Hub, for existing EHCPs, the first annual review completed through the Hub will look different.  Guidance was sent to schools during the summer term to outline that any changes to need, still needed to be made on the Word document of the plan as before.  The Outcomes can be reviewed in the Hub as well as professional contributions, along with parent/carer and young person contributions also being captured this way.  The needs section from the previous Word document plan, along with any additional evidence can then be uploaded at the meeting report stage on the EHC Hub.  Any subsequent reviews will then contain all information required and can solely be completed through the EHC Hub.

Children, young people, parents and carers will always be able to submit their view either online directly into the hub, or via a paper-based system that the education setting operate.  The Education Setting will be responsible for uploading any views at the annual review meeting report stage on the EHC Hub.

Question 8

You cannot add professionals easily and it would be helpful to be able to link people onto it via email, instead of having to search for people.  Is it possible to do this?


Professionals can be added either by identifying the team, the education setting or the named professional.  All three are an option.  You can start typing their name into the bar, and it will begin to filter out names as you type.

If a professional is not already registered with the Hub, please contact and the team can arrange for the professional to be added and registered.  There is an extensive list of education, health and social care professionals already added onto the hub, which will continue to grow as the EHC Hub is used more widely.

Education Care Hub explained video

Getting help and support

For any changes to usernames, groups, or to update professionals or specific case related queries please contact

If you require technical assistance please use the IDOX help desk.
Email and someone will respond to you.
Calls are usually responded to on the same day.
If the issue is urgent you can call 03330 111 668.

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