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Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP)

This page includes content about EHCP’s for professionals.

EHC Plans

An education, health and care (EHC) plan is for children and young people aged up to 25 who need more support than is available through special educational needs support.

EHC plans identify educational, health and social needs and set out the additional support to meet those needs.

Health professionals are under a statutory duty to support the EHCP process and this includes involvement in annual reviews.

How is support for pupils with SEN funded?

Pupils with SEN are funded through three funded elements.

  1. The first £4000 of support comes from the money the school gets per child who attends.
  2. The second portion of SEN spending, around £6,000 per child comes from a pot each school receives which is ringfenced for meeting SEN needs.
  3. Top-up funding is the additional amount delivered via the EHCP. Top-up funding is the amount made available to a mainstream school to deliver the provision in an EHCP, over and above that which the school are expected fund themselves from their general funding

What is SEND banding?

Banding is a way for local authorities to allocate levels of top-up funding for securing special educational provision for children and young people with EHC plans. These are not statutory arrangements and each LA has it’s own mechanism for allocating funding.

SEND Banding and special educational provision

Under s.42 Children and Families Act 2014, the local authority must secure all the special educational provision in the EHC plan. Banding is allocated once the special educational provision has been determined and once the EHC plan is in place.

SEND Banding in North East Lincolnshire

NE Lincs SEND panel follow this process:

  1. Produce EHCP listing the provision the pupil needs
  2. Compare provision in the EHCP against the descriptions in the NE Lincs SEN Banding.
  3. Assess how much additional ‘top-up’ funding is needed to deliver the provision

NB: It should be noted that the 2022 SEND Green paper proposes, ‘A new national framework for councils for banding and tariffs of High Needs, to match the national standards and offer clarity on the level of support expected, and put the system on a financially sustainable footing in the future’.

Banding values 2023


The Education, Health and Care (EHC) Hub is an online case management system which manages requests for EHC plans and the annual reviews of these plans.

The EHC Hub gives you greater control and flexibility to view updates, and comment on your child’s EHCP.

For more information including guides on using the Hub visit the The EHC Hub page.

Log in to the EHC Hub.

Your EHCP Annual Review is an important time for you, your child, and key professionals to review your child’s EHCP.

Remember that you and your child can view a copy of their EHCP before the review. This is helpful to remind you what is included on it, and can help you to think about any questions that you may want to ask.

How did we do? Let us know if the review went well and what we can improve on by completing the EHCP Annual Review Feedback form. It takes about five minutes to complete.

1. Request for change of Banding:

2. Request for change of Education Setting:

Download the Health Contribution to EHCP Annual Reviews (Word, 59 KB)

For the people you support

Please signpost parent carers to NELC SEND Local Offer | Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) (