3:15 pm, Friday, 9th December 2022

SEND Newsletter- Friday, 9 December 2022

This is the SEND Newsletter for Monday 5 to 11 December 2022.

Sleep better

Getting a good night’s sleep can have a big impact on a child’s day. It can affect their mood, behaviour, performance in school, and much more.

Parent carers of children and young people with SEND have told us that sleep can be a real challenge for them.

It can also affect the rest of the family whose sleep can be disrupted.

Issues with sleep affect children with SEND more than their peers.

We’ve added more content to the sleep section of the Local Offer.

We’ve added more information about local services as well as national and online sources of support.

Did you know that you can take free sleep training to help your child have a better night’s sleep. Once you complete the training there is the opportunity for further support if it’s needed.

See the new page. NELC SEND Local Offer | Sleep (nelincs.gov.uk)

BSL Advent Calendar

Have you been learning all of the festive British Sign Language signs from the BSL advent calendar?

Stay posted on the latest videos.

NELC SEND Local Offer | British Sign Language Advent Calendar (nelincs.gov.uk)

The EHC Hub

The Education, Health and Care Hub (EHC Hub or ‘Hub’) is a digital portal that is designed to transform communication so that families, educational settings and professionals can collaborate on assessments, plans and reviews.

The Hub is designed and provided by Idox Software Ltd and is currently in use in over twenty local authorities across England.

In our continued mission to improve the Hub for parents and carers, we would be grateful if you could answer a few questions about your experience of using the EHC Hub so far.

EHC Hub: Parent/Carers Questionnaire (smartsurvey.co.uk)

NELC Parental Engagement with ‘Delivering Better Value (DBV) in SEND’

North East Lincolnshire have been given a fantastic opportunity to work in conjunction with the Department for Education on a project called ‘Delivering Better Value in SEND’.

Part of the project is to better understand why so many requests for statutory assessment (EHCPs) are being made, and why so many children are requiring places in special schools.

One of the key themes from what we have found out so far, is about how confident parents and carers feel in the support their child receives in a mainstream school.

To help us understand this better, we would appreciate your feedback.

It takes about three minutes to complete.

Click here for the Delivering Better Value in SEND parent carer survey.

Recognise your child, school or teacher

Nominations are coming in for the SEND Awards.

North East Lincolnshire Council’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Awards is a fantastic way of celebrating our local areas amazing children and young people with SEND and the unsung heroes who support them and make a real difference to the lives of children and young people with additional needs and their families.

Who do you know who deserves to shine in 2023?

Nominate someone for SEND Award: SEND Award nomination form | QuestionPro Survey

Events and training

Keep up to date with the latest events and training on offer. Visit the events and training page on the Local Offer.

NELC SEND Local Offer | Events and training (nelincs.gov.uk)

Silvercloud online wellbeing support

Compass GO… Mental Health Support Team works with children, young people, families and educational settings in North East Lincolnshire.

We provide support, help and advice for pupils, students and schools for issues related to emotional and mental health wellbeing. Compass GO… currently have full school coverage of the North East Lincolnshire borough but please call our duty line to clarify if needed.

Do you know about Silvercloud? It is online mental health support. Why not visit their website and find out more.

Compass GO… SilverCloud – Compass (compass-uk.org)



SENDIASS provide support for SEND, across education, health and social care.


Sendiass North East Lincolnshire | Facebook- external site 

Call- 01472 326363
Email- ask@nelsendiass.org.uk

– external site
SENDIASS- external site 

If you have questions about SEND we are always here to help. Please don’t hesitate to email sen@nelincs.gov.uk. We always try to make sure that children and parents/ carers voices are heard.

These Weekly SEND parent/carer newsletters are shared with teams within education, health and social care as well as parents/carers SENCOs, the DfE and local charities.

If parents/carers or young people over 16 do not have access to the internet or if they prefer to receive paper copies only please contact sen@nelincs.gov.uk.