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Sleep is essential for life and development. In our modern society, sleep can be limited or disrupted. This can have serious consequences at all ages and stages.

Children with SEND are more likely than their peers to have issues with sleep.

Local support

SEND Sleep Service | KIDS

KIDS Sleep services provide trained sleep practitioners who are able to support and advise families on their children’s sleep problems and support them to put effective strategies in place. Help is provided through the delivery of sleep workshops and individualised support.

How does the service work?

Children and young people with SEND (Special Educational needs and Disabilities) are far more likely than their peers to have sleep difficulties. These may include difficulty going to sleep, waking frequently throughout the night or waking early in the morning.

The Sleep Service aims to support the child or young person to sleep better with a range of methods individualised to each particular family. Support is provided through a range of methods, including workshops and drop-ins, 1:1 support, and telephone/e-mail support.

Learn more and contact the service: South Bank SEND Sleep Service | KIDS

0-4.5 years

If your child is aged 0-4.5 years, please contact your Health Visitor on 01472 323660 to discuss your concerns regarding your child’s sleep. If appropriate, they can direct you to one of the Families First Practitioners who can provide advice and support relating to sleep.


Where to get help

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