3:48 am, Thursday, 1st December 2022

British Sign Language Advent Calendar

The Educational Team for Hearing and Vision are excited to bring you a British Sign Language Christmas Advent Calendar.

The calendar is brought to you by Deaf Coach, Fiona Neilson.

The video’s will be uploaded to the Council’s YouTube and posted on the Local Offer and Families First social media every day until Christmas Eve.

Day 24

Day 23

Day 22

Day 21

Day 20

Day 19

Day 18

Day 17

Day 16

Day 15

Day 14

Day 13

Day 13- British Sign Language advent calendar – YouTube

Day 12

Day 11

Day 10

Day 9

Day 8

Day 7

Day 6

Day 5

Day 4

Day 3

Day 2

Day 1

Check your advent every day on the Families First Facebook page. Families First | Cleethorpes | Facebook

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