4:07 pm, Friday, 20th October 2023

SPACE Forum gives parent carers a platform to connect

The newly named SPACE Forum brings together parent carers of children and young people with SEND and professionals from around the borough to collaborate, share experiences and ideas, and foster a supportive community for those involved in SEND.

The SPACE Forum builds on the work of the Autism in Schools Project, a programme of work our Local Authority successfully bid for to to progress our offer, and improve the understanding of neurodiversity from both parents and professionals. Engagement was central to this work and the Autism in Schools Parents Supporting Parents Forum was one the most successful parts of the project.

The Parents Supporting Parents (PSP) Forums were held monthly at Grimsby Town Hall and included parent carers and setting staff. These forums have been a great success and have given parent carers and school staff an opportunity to work together, share good practice and share their experiences with each other. This is the only forum within NEL that brings together parent carers and setting/school staff in a safe and supportive environment.

At the start of the project parent carers were asked what they hoped to achieve and gave the feedback that they wanted the legacy and opportunities of the AiS Project to be taken forward and the knowledge and understanding gained to create a foundation for further improvements.

As a result, the Forum will continue as the SPACE Forum. This stands for Settings, Parents and Carers for Education. The name was coproduced with all members of the forum. To widen the reach and impact of the forum all parent carers and educational settings within North East Lincolnshire are welcome to join these sessions.

Upcoming Forum Dates at Grimsby Town Hall.

  • November 21 2023: NAVIGO/YMM and Access Pathway Team will be attending to look at the new referral form. There are limited spaces so please book your place using the QR Code.
  • January 16 2024: Topic to be confirmed
  • February 9 2024: Topic to be confirmed
  • March 19 2024: Topic to be confirmed
  • April 23 2024: Topic to be confirmed
  • June 11 2024: Topic to be confirmed
  • July 9 2024: Topic to be confirmed

If you would like more information or to join a forum please contact Abi Fleming at Abi.fleming@nelincs.gov.uk.

Read the full overview from the October Forum.