4:26 pm, Friday, 20th May 2022

SEND Newsletter- Friday, 20 May 2022

This is the SEND Newsletter for 16-22 May, 2022.

SEND Revisit

Joint area SEND revisit in North East Lincolnshire.

The area has made sufficient progress in addressing all three of the significant weaknesses identified at the initial inspection.

LEADERS, with a ‘genuine desire’ to work with families, have a ‘firm grasp’ of what is needed to support young people with special educational needs.

This is one of many areas of praise for members of North East Lincolnshire Council’s SEND (special educational needs) team, following a March revisit by Government inspectors from Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission. The team is a part of the authority’s Children’s Services offer.

Read the Ofsted report from their revisit. SEND Ofsted report 2022 revisit

North East Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum (NELPCF)

Read the NELPCF response to the recent Ofsted revisit report.

We were pleased to read of Ofsted’s findings of sufficient progress in addressing all three areas of weakness identified initially. We feel the report recognises the efforts made by the Local Authority to better understand the needs of children and young people with SEND, whilst making it clear that this is a foundation to be built upon with meaningful co-production with the families of North East Lincolnshire to continue that trajectory for positive change. As a PCF we welcome to opportunity to engage with professionals to support this to happen, and welcome parent carers to join us to have their say, shape the future together, and see results delivered.

If you would like to join then please attend their next forum on 27 May at 10am at Carers Support Centre, Grimsby, DN31 1HY.

No need to register, just drop by. If you have any questions then please call 01472 242277.

Subscribe to NELPCF e-news today by emailing, nelpcf@gmail.com.


Jayne Parrish, North East Lincolnshire Interim SENDIASS Manager said: “It’s great to see progress has and still is being made.

There is a better working relationship between parents and the local authority which is a great basis to move forward.

SENDIASS will always maintain to be that impartial advice service and will encourage the development of the co-production working. 

The local offer has been improved and is a good source of information.

There seems to be a better understanding with all professionals across education, health and social care, about SEND and the wider issues for families.

SENDIASS is pleased that significant progress has been made – we are looking forward to build on that progress, so our families in the area can benefit.


Once new school places are confirmed, families start thinking about the transition, from practical ones about drop-off and pick-up, uniform and homework, to concerns about their child making friends or settling with their new teacher.

Check out our page on changing schools, key stages or classes, transition planning and moving to the next stage of education.  NELC SEND Local Offer | Changing schools, key stages or classes (nelincs.gov.uk)


Watch Encanto FOR JUST TWO cans of food.

Welcome to the CANS film festival 2022. Enjoy a family film while helping a great cause.

Bring two cans of food per person. This means a family of four could get have a family day out for just 8 cans of food that will be donated to We Are ONE Foundation.

The film will be shown on Sunday 22 May at 11am.

Tickets can only be collected in person at the cinema with your donation. Donations are now being selected during box office hours to secure your tickets in advance.

Parkway Cinemas | Facebook

Anyone facing hunger can contact We Are ONE Foundation on 01472 596290 or visit www.weareonefoundation.co.uk.

Sensory cinema

Speaking of the cinema. There is a separate event on 18 June which is a SEND friendly sensory cinema at the Grimsby Minster, St James Church in Grimsby.

Get your tickets, Sensory Cinema – Mingle with Moana | CineShow

Cheaper broadband and phone for struggling families

Social tariffs can provide a safety net for eligible households who might be struggling to afford their broadband or phone services.

Cheaper broadband and phone packages – Ofcom

Inclusive SEND events

Next week there is a host of fun events taking place in our area. Our Future Starts Here, Grimsby explores important issues of our time with a bold programme of cultural events to inspire, educate and surprise.

Our Future Starts Here, Friday 27th – Sunday 29th May
Find out more at 

These events include impressive outdoor performances and installations from leading UK artists, thought-provoking talks and hands-on workshops to inspire the next generation.

This includes acts that are suitable for those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and have performers with SEND.

1. Volo: Dreams of Flight – a virtual reality swing – one of them is suitable for Wheelchair users

2. Strong Lady (Sunday), is a RELAXED performances

3. Frock by Stopgap Dance is the diverse company with disabled performers

4. Most of the outdoor programme is fully accessible

Cleethorpes adapted beach buggies on BBC

Did you know that we have adapted beach buggies for people with mobility issues?

NELC SEND Local Offer | Cleethorpes beach buggies on BBC News (nelincs.gov.uk)

Teen life

Teen Life is a six-session programme free of cost for parent carers of young people aged 10-16 with a diagnosis of an Autistic Spectrum Condition.

Teen Life is offered by NELC Community Educational Psychology Service, autism experienced, professionals who have been trained and licensed by The National Autistic Society’s Licensed Training team to run the programme for families in their local area.

Session last for two and a half hours.

Three places are allocated on the Teen Life Programme. There are two for parent carers and one for a professional if you would like to bring one.

Topics include understanding autism in teenagers, women and girls, self-esteem, spending time with other people, stress and anxiety, behaviours, puberty, independence skills, education strategies and planning for their future.

For further information access the National Autistic Society.

Interested? Email EPtraining@nelincs.gov.uk.

Schools and other professionals please support your parents and carers wishing to express interest in participating in the Teen Life programme by emailing, EPtraining@nelincs.gov.uk, or visit Educational psychology support for parents and carers – NELC | NELC (nelincs.gov.uk).

Autism in Schools May update

The Autism in Schools parent carer forum met again on Tuesday 17 May.

It was a successful forum where parent carers shared their views. We also heard more about how Compass GO are facilitating engagement with children and young people. When we capture the voice of the child what we offer them improves, it also increases our understanding of their wants and needs and increases their confidence.

The Autism in Schools book club read chapter 3: Enthusiasms of Uniquely Human.

Dr Prizant highlighted the importance of enthusiasms in the life of children with autism. He shared case studies which detailed how important it was to build on children’s enthusiasms to engage them in their learning, to communicate with them, and to build on connections.

This quote sums up the chapter, “Children with autism develop all kinds of enthusiasms, talking non-stop about or focusing endlessly on subjects like skyscrapers, animal species, geography, particular kinds of music, sunrise and sunset times, or turnpike exits. Perhaps focusing on one topic gives the child a sense of control, of predictability and security in a world that can be unpredictable and feel scary.”

If you have questions about SEND we are always here to help. Please don’t hesitate to email sen@nelincs.gov.uk. We always try to make sure that children and parents/ carers voices are heard.

These Weekly SEND parent/carer newsletters are shared with teams within education, health and social care as well as parents/carers SENCOs, the DfE and local charities.

If parents/carers or young people over 16 do not have access to the internet or if they prefer to receive paper copies only please contact sen@nelincs.gov.uk.