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Annual Health Checks, learning disability register, mental health, transitions to adult health services.

Adult health services

Good health is one of the four preparing for adulthood outcomes. As young people prepare for adulthood there are many changes for them to negotiate, including how their health care is managed. Some of the services that young people access may stop at age 16 or 18, therefore it is important to plan how health needs will be met, and by whom, in the future.

Annual Health Checks

Did you know if you are If you’re over 14, with a learning disability, on the learning disability register you should receive an annual health check.

NELC SEND Local Offer | Annual Health Check (

Care Plus Group provides adult health and social care services across North East Lincolnshire.

The Community Learning Disability Team provides a range of specialist professionals and services to support adults over 18 years old with a learning disability.

NAViGO is your local mental health provider for adults. They offer a full range of services for adults with autism.

Adult Autism Service :: NAViGO (

You can directly text or email us your questions about preparing for adulthood.

Text: 07595 122306