4:38 pm, Tuesday, 15th August 2023

Youth Community of Experience Event

There is a new and exciting opportunity for Autistic individuals or those with a learning disability or both aged 14 to 25 to attend a Youth Community of Experience Event.

These are a great opportunity for our youth/young adults to meet others sharing the same experiences and to build a support network with each other.

Join a four week course to learn eight steps to health and wellbeing.

These are face to face meetings in the community, accessible to all. Build your self esteem through peer to peer support.

Simply ring Kids on 01482 467540 or email us asking to book onto a youth Community of Experience Event at communityofexperience@kids.org.uk.

There is also a local parent carer event coming up. Learn more NELC SEND Local Offer | Community of Experience parent carer event (nelincs.gov.uk)