2:53 pm, Monday, 25th January 2021

Watch out for wildlife with your children

North East Lincolnshire has made huge strides forward to make nature feel at home in it’s wetland areas.

A recent news release from North East Lincolnshire Council said,

“MORE than 30 internationally important bird species have made their home at the South Humber bank’s award-winning wildlife mitigation site in the last four months.”

Read the full article on North East Lincolnshire Council’s news page, ‘Internationally important wildlife making its home in North East Lincolnshire.

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust website has lots more information and activities for you to do with your little ones.

Can you spot some local varieties of birds when you walk around our estuary?

Teach your children about starling murmurations.

Can your child find these Finches?

Share your sightings with @discovernortheastlincolnshire and the new hashtag #DiscoverNELChallenge to see what you can spot on your walks. Post your pictures in the comments of their recent Facebook post.