5:32 pm, Monday, 1st March 2021

Turn on the subtitles!

Turn on the subtitles when your child is watching video’s on their mobile device or the TV.

Watch Stephen Fry’s short video explaining the ‘magic’ that can happen to your child’s literacy if you turn on the subtitles.

Stephen said, “Research has shown that they can double their chance of a child becoming good at reading.”

“The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is that some children have taken a step backwards, a leap backwards, in literacy.”

“Do it right now!”

“If you want to learn more go to www.turnonthesubtitles.org.”

See the subtitles button on the bottom, righthand side of the the Youtube video below or on the settings on your TV.

Turning on subtitles while children are watching TV can greatly improve their reading skills. A quick, simple, free way to make TV time, reading time. #turnonthesubtitles