9:00 am, Tuesday, 12th October 2021

Top tips for parents of children with Dyspraxia

This week is Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2021.

This years awareness week is themed Primary and Secondary Education.

Check out these tips for helping your child with dyspraxia at school.

Organisational skills and homework

  • Follow the same routines where possible.
  • If your child is at secondary school, make sure the school timetable is uncluttered. Use highlighter pens to make it easier to read.
  • Keep desk/workspace/table clear and uncluttered. Identify the equipment needed for a task and tidy away afterwards
  • A checklist can sometimes be helpful of what equipment is needed for each day, this can be pinned on the child’s bedroom wall.
  • Have a set time and quiet area for completing homework.
  • Ear defenders may be helpful.
  • If writing is a tiring task, discuss with school the option of presenting homework using a word processor and emailing to school. Children with dyspraxia often find using an iPad easier.
  • Clicker 8 software for primary children and DocsPlus software for secondary students are both highly recommended.
  • Alternatively, voice activated software such as Dragon and the Dragon Dictate app are very helpful for older students.
  • Use a rucksack with easily grasped zips and separate sections for snacks, pencils etc.
  • Plan what books/equipment are needed for the next day. Take out any unnecessary items.
  • A clear pencil case makes it easier to locate the item needed.
  • Place shoes, coat and school or PE bags ready by the door.
  • Make sure everything is labelled with your child’s name.
  • Maybe your child requires special pens, pencil grips or other equipment at school.
  • Practise cutting skills at home. There are specialised scissors available if your child cannot use standard scissors.