2:17 pm, Thursday, 6th May 2021

The Buzz website for deaf young people

The Buzz has revamped it’s website with lots more content made by and for deaf young people.

There is a part of their website for children and young people aged 12 and under, as well as 13 and over.

What kind of content will you see?

There are reviews from young people about apps they use to get in touch with friends and find music.

You can also learn about practical things to do with being deaf like different levels of deafness as well as the emotional side of life like empathy, anxiety and supporting others.

There’s also lots of great content about staying safe online that every person using the internet should know.

There are lots of submissions by young people on a range of current topics like Covid, home learning, deafness and face masks, friendship and discrimination and more.

Their articles can be read or watched in British Sign Language.

If you are curious to know more why not take a look!