11:42 am, Monday, 19th April 2021

St Andrews Hospice – Children’s Services Update

St Andrews Hospice have announced some exciting new plans for their children’s services. A programme of work will be undertaken to redesign the model of care, renew the skills available within the team, refresh and redecorate the unit and to undertake care reviews of every child. These steps will enable the team to respond to the increasing and changing needs of the children and families in their care.

In order to provide the time and space to undertake this extensive project the service will be temporarily pausing the offer of overnight respite from 17 May 2021 and extending the care that they provide as part of the Hospice at Home community provision. The Hospice team would like to reassure families that despite the pausing of overnight respite, the team are still available to support through the following programme of alternative support:

Respite care in your home:

This can include short periods of time delivering therapeutic play activities, going for walks and visiting local play amenities and giving you time to take a break. Overnight stays in your home may also be possible.

Community Support:

Supporting you with attending appointments, trips and special family occasions

Therapeutic Group Sessions:

A range of small therapeutic groups will be running including arts and crafts, music and social interactions, as well as re opening of the hydrotherapy pool.

Urgent and end of life care:

This care will be provided either within the home or the hospice, depending on individual circumstances. Care will also continue to be provided after a child’s death in the Butterfly Room.

Families can contact the Hospice team with any queries through standrews.childrensservicesreview@nhs.net.