1:48 pm, Friday, 15th December 2023

Special Educational Needs and Disability Information Advice Support Service update

“With the festive holiday time approaching I have been doing a bit of reflecting back over the year and wanted to share some updates with everyone. North East Lincolnshire SENDIASS moved from being outsourced to being “in house” back on 1 April 2022.  I took over as the new manager at this point, due to a retirement of the previous manager and myself and my team were committed to making the move in house work for our families with the area. The team continue to work at arm’s length to both the Local Authority and the Integrated Care Board (previously known as Clinical Commissioning Group) and work impartially and confidentially for our families.”

“Being an in house SENDIASS is not unusual – 65% of SENDIASS’ nationally are in house and 35% outsourced (Data provided by the Council of Disabled Children Dec 2023). Within our region of Yorkshire and Humber, only 3 are outsourced and 11 are in house (one service did not provide information).

“Nationally, SENDIASS’ have seen increased referrals into their service with the three main top reasons being Support with EHCPs, SEN Support not being met in setting, exclusions including emotional based school avoidance and educated other than an academy or school. The local picture mirrors the National picture.”

“North East Lincolnshire SENDIASS are reaching out to more families offering information, advice and support.”

The numbers below relate to the number of enquiries into the service for a reporting period between October and December.

Oct – Dec 2020 – 79 enquiries (outsourced but Covid impacted on numbers)
Oct – Dec 2021 – 113 enquiries (outsourced)
Oct – Dec 2022 – 159 enquiries (in house)
Oct – Dec 2023 – 175 enquiries (as of 13th December) (in house)

“I am so pleased we are reaching out to more families locally and our plans for 2023 should see more opportunities for families to undertake training with us to upskill their knowledge base and widen their support network. We are working in conjunction with the North East Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum and working hard to ensure your views are heard at various strategic meetings within the Local Authority and with the integrated care board.”

“We are committed to ensuring quality and accurate information and support is provided for those who need it and we are regularly attending national training in order to provide this support.”

“Please note that SENDIASS will be operating with minimal staff availability from Thursday 21 December through to Tuesday 2 January so it may take longer for the team to respond.”

“Myself and my team would like take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

Jayne, Abi, Amanda, Beth, Hayley and Karen

t: 01472 326363

e: ask@nelsendiass.org.uk  w: www.nelsendiass.org.uk  /SENDIASSNEL