9:34 am, Wednesday, 27th January 2021

Sign up for 40 Free Educational Videos for Children with Down Syndrome

Sign up for free educational videos for children with Down Syndrome.

What is Teach Me Too?

Teach Me Too is an online library of 40 short educational videos and accompanying learning resources, all designed around the specific learning profile of children with Down’s syndrome.

  • 20 videos are produced by specialist teachers Inclusively Down and focus on key early learning concepts and skills.
  • 20 videos are produced by specialist speech and language therapists Key Communication and cover key vocabulary and signing.
  • The videos can be watched independently by children, but work best when an adult supports them, and uses the ideas to continue learning at home or school.
  • We have over 8 hours of content in total.

Why do we need it?

Children with Down’s syndrome have a specific learning profile, with their own strengths and weaknesses. Research shows that certain approaches to learning can be very effective with these children, but this sort of specialist support is often only accessible to those with the means to pay for it.

Early intervention and specialist teaching services across the country were overstretched even before Covid-19. During lockdown many services ground completely to a halt and are now struggling to catch up. Teach Me Too cannot replace specialist intervention, but it can help to plug the gap by delivering key early cognitive and communication skills to a generation of children.

Sign up for free educational videos for children with Down Syndrome.