4:40 pm, Monday, 29th January 2024

SEND Employment Forum 26 January 2024

We were delighted last week to hold our January 2024 Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Employment Forum at the Town Hall Grimsby for the. We were joined by local collages, NELC Parent Carer Forum, local businesses, charities and representatives from education, health and social care who support Young People with SEND.

The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Employment Forum drives the way forward for employment and skills for young people with SEND including the important opportunities for young people to take part in supported internships.

Currently we have 19 young people who are enjoying the opportunity to take part in a year long supported internship. Take a look at Sophie’s story of her supported internship at the Grimsby Auditorium’s Stage Door Café.

Jason Land, Disability and Inclusion officer from Grimsby Town Foundation said “I’m really pleased to be part of this network and look forward to diversifying who we employ now and in the future”.

Courtney and Jaime from NEL Parent Carer Forum commented, “As representatives of the PCF it is positive to feel we have been heard and invoked some value added conversations regarding transport and paid employment.”

Grimsby Institute’s Skills and Employability co-ordinator Tia Cambell and Skills and Employability Trainer Victoria Kirman said, “It was great to share good practice and explore what we can offer to other services. We talked about distanced travelled in terms of the skills acquired and the voice of the young person and their expectations. Hearing from parents also helped all bits of the puzzle to come to together”.

Michelle Lister Supported Employment Team Leader from Care Plus commented, “It’s great to come together to share ideas and see what everyone is doing. Building relationships is so important and this forum helps us to do that.”