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SEND Awards

Nominated by the public, the winners are from all walks of life, of all ages, and from all over our borough. Their achievements are awe-inspiring and a lesson to us all. They say they are ordinary people, but their achievements are truly extraordinary.

About the SEND Awards

The SEND Awards is a fantastic way of celebrating our local area’s amazing children and young people with SEND and the unsung heroes who support them and make a real difference to the lives of children and young people with additional needs and their families. This is a chance to cheer on achievements both big and small, people doing extraordinary things and show what can be achieved when we help each other and work together.


Winners Video’s

Reggie- Student Personality of the Year winner

Coming soon!



For someone who goes to remarkable lengths to help others lead their best life.


Joshua Breame
Nominated by Heidi Higgins and Harriet Barber

Rebecca Swallow (Bounce Back)

Nominated by Carol Blakeley and Tony Hutton

Kirsty Turgoose- Nominated by Tiffany Simpson

Kerry at the Trin nominated Shirley Connon


Kerrie Hillman nominated by Helen Hobson

Joe Stead-Lewis

Ryan Roffee nominated by Kellie Roffee

Kerry Hillman nominated by Layla

The Trin

Claire Baker

Kate Cottingham

Alana Douglas and Sand Stewart

Sand Stewart nominated by Alana Douglas

Joanne wright nominated by Michelle Aslin

Bounce back

For someone who has made an outstanding artistic achievement.


Chloe Marie Johnson nominated by Nicole Potton

Riley Bowser nominated by Joanna Parkinson and Sarah Leary

Chapman Shum

Richard Bessey nominated by Vikki Parker

Eleanor Mann nominated by Lindsey Almond

Ruby Lawrence

For someone who’s sporting achievement deserves to be celebrated.


Rio Jacombe nominated by Nicola Hallett

Harrison Graves

Alfie Bellamy nominated by Sam Jillings

Harley Emerson nominated by Laura Rose

Ellenor Skipworth

Ruby Peace

For someone who goes that extra mile to support others and be a great friend.


Jack Woodforth and the Wii Group

George Jackson

Jackie Goodey

Kyran Connor nominated by Hayley brazier

EJ Withers nominated by Claire Sheppard

Franki-mai Smith nominated by Lisa Smith

Daniel Appleton

Joshua Breame nominated by Harriet Barber and Heidi Higgins

For any pupils or student who is dedicated to their education and strives to achieve the best they can in their chosen curriculum areas.


Spike Dixon nominated by Nina Page and Wayne Danting-Langdale

Lianna Jagger

Daniel Smith nominated by Demi Lyall

Haydon Finch nominated by Victoria Russell

Robbie Willoughby nominated by Louis Meller

Luke Beckett nominated by Peter Glazebrook

Finley Heaton-Nicholls nominated by Peter Glazebrook

Eli Oldham nominated by Louis Moulding

Jake Allan nominated by Susan Ballard and Sonia Barley

Thomas Bruce nominated by Sonia Barley

Cody Campbell nominated by Angela Smith

Chloe-marie Johnson

Freya lily Rose nominated by Johnson Elicia Hulse

Jayden Dodds nominated by Dan Chesman

Harpah Priestley

Theodore ‘Teddy’ Smithson

Seth Parkinson

Joshua Saruni

This award provides us with an opportunity to celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements of environmental volunteers and supporters who are determined to look after our planet.


Lewis Hannath nominated by Laura Rose

Zoe Osbourne nominated by Lucy Flodman

Tyler Lobley nominated by Helen Spencer

Foundations Pathways Year 1 group B

Lola Padley nominated by James (The Canoe River Cleaner)

Eden Green nominated by Charlotte Marshall

For anyone aged 5-25 years in education or training who really stands out as an inspiration to us all.


Reggie Aslin nominated by Michelle Aslin

Connor Smedley nominated by Jessica Dawes

Oliver Newton nominated by Sam England

Rebecca Abdullah nominated by Olivia Shipley

Callum Jefferson nominated by Laura Rose

Spike Dixon nominated by Nina Page and Wayne Danting-Langdale

Josh Bream nominated by Harriet Barber

Lucas Parker nominated by Genna parker

Patsy Krogh nominated by Jaime Krogh

Courtney Raven

Anderson Gorringe nominated by Sharnie Booth

Olly Corken

Ollie Thompson

Stefan Gibbins

Adults and Organisations

For an adult working with children with special educational needs who has had a huge impact. A committed individual who raises the aspirations for young people with SEND.


Luciana Smith nominated by Rebecca Dayton, Helen Logan-Brown

Mr Burdett nominated by Leanne Funnell

Victoria Gardner nominated by Joanna Wallis

Kate Nicol

Kelly Mitchell

Emily Lond nominated by Humberston Park School

Sean Lee Geography Teacher Humberston Academy nominated by Laura Rose

Rebecca Mclernon nominated by Sharon Pearson

Sherrie Jewitt nominated by Victoria Russell and the whole Learning Support Team

Rebecca Swallow – Bounce Back nominated by Carol Blakeley

Abbie Smith nominated by Lillie Jaines

Yvonne Gorman Carol Blakeley – CEO at Green Futures

Holly Quarill nominated by Joshua facer

Rachael Lawson nominated by Vicki Jones

Tracey Thornton

Susan Ballard nominated by Sonia Barley

Max Foster nominated by Kim walton

Joanne Lord

Steven Broderick nominated by Susan Broderick

Mrs Karen Pearce nominated by Angela Smith

Rebecca Cave nominated by Carrie smith

Charlotte Marshall

Kerry Duffield

Miss Dannatt

Victoria Russell

Louis Meller nominated by Sara Morris

Deborah Braker

Vanessa Toyne nominated by Victoria Parish

Faye Burden nominated by Alison Bass

Becca Cave

Shane Harrison nominated by Wayne Danting-Langdale

Miss Clay nominated by Gemma Hunter

Briony Dannatt nominated by Sonia Thundercliffe

Miss Clarke nominated by Callum Jefferson

Phoebe Joyce

Mrs London nominated by Lucas parker

Charlotte Marshall

Kimberley Ottley -Butterflies Nursery

Angie Sims nominated by Claire Sheppard

Kate nominated by Kellie Roffee

Miss Codie-Louise nominated by Wilkinson Joanne Tingay

Hannah Knight nominated by Lisa Gowan

Mrs London nominated by Genna Parker

Jada Burgess

James McKeown nominated by Tabatha Richardson

Sarah Crosby- Butterflies Day nursery

Mrs Pugh

Mrs L Hodge

Dawn Armstrong

Jack coll

Michelle Skriviner nominated by Claire Scott

Louise Patterson- Learning Support nominated by Sophie Cook

Katie Allison Ambition Vision Activities for Children with SEND and/or Additional needs

Mrs Aitken and Mrs Kent nominated by Charlotte taylor

Mrs Drake nominated by Leia Stephenson

Demi Louise Bennett

Nichols Fawn

Rachel Albery nominated by Sharnie Booth

Kate cowdroy

Laura Leonard / Beth Setterfield nominated by Elizabeth Salameh

Charlotte marshall

Rhiannon Walton nominated by Michelle Aslin

Kay Ward

Crystal Crofts

Nicola Morgan

Miss Cox

Sarah Crosby

This award is for an Early Years setting or a school or college that stands out by making a real difference to the lives of children and young people with SEND and their families in our local communities.



Franklin Sixth Form College nominated by Victoria Russell, Vicki Jones

Little Coates Primary Academy

Nicola Morgan at Littlecoates Launchpad nominated by Lindsey Anita Winters

Cambridge Park Sixth Form

Queen Mary Avenue Infants Primary School

Lisle Marsden Childcare

Little Oaks Day Nursery nominated by Alison Bass, and Sophie-Jay Hansom

Wybers wood Academy nominated by Laura Roberts

Vicky Stephan nominated by Tiffany Simpson

Reynolds Day Care nominated by Nicole Buston

Butterflies Day Nursery, nominated by Devon Tompkins, Laura Reed, and others

Louise Carter

Springfield Lodge Montessori nursery, Grimsby Sophie Durosomo

Puddle Ducks pre school

Scartho Junior Academy nominated by Leanne Thompson

Orchard School nominated by Kayleigh Broderick, Lorayne Cross, Susan Broderick

Vicky darley

Ormiston South Parade, nominated by Rebecca Munson, The Uniform Hut

Cambridge park academy nominated by Lisa woods

For achievements not covered in other categories, such as inspiring parent/carers, support workers, health care workers or social care workers who have made a real difference to the lives of children and young people with SEND and their families in our local area.


Joanne Wright, Sunflowers Children’s Action Group nominated by Tracy Nicholson, Joanne Wright, Tony Hutton and others

Corinne Bryan

Short Breaks Service nominated by Lucy Ridall and others

Claire Sheppard nominated by Alison Bass, Mandi Potter and others

The Centre for Professional Development Team at Franklin Sixth Form College nominated by Victoria Russell and Vicki Jones

Grace Lister nominated by Jane Thorpe-Green

Katy Kibasila nominated by Sonia Barley

Kerry Billman nominated by Carol Woodcock

Gareth Howard

Sarah – Jayne Walker nominated by Victoria Parish

Charlotte marshall

Mrs Hutchinson nominated by Emma Allenby

Briony Dannatt nominated by Kerry Duffield

Sonia Barley nominated by Kerry Duffield

Sharon Pearson nominated by Kerry Duffield

Kathleen King nominated by Max Foster

Mrs Jenny Bartram

Christine Potter

Julie Harvey nominated by Lucianna smith

Laura Jones nominated by Jodi Parkin, Inclusion Officer

Darlington Association on Disability D.A.D

Hannah Knight nominated by Lloyd gowan

Suzie Cribb nominated by Lorna

Katie Collins nominated by Tracey mabbott

Helen Hammond nominated by Lindsey Almond

Theresa Allen – Butterflies Day nursery

Ellie Phillips

Tracey Weller

Lisa Traquair nominated by Mollie Twidale

Mark Galyar

North East Lincolnshire parent carer forum nominated by Susan Broderick, Emily Dyer, and others

Kayleigh Broderick nominated by Jamie Dawson, Susan Broderick and others

Corinne Bryan

Cromwell Road Adult Day Services, multiple nominations

Mrs Smith ( SENCo)

Leanne Cook

For organisations of all sizes who provide a SEND -friendly environment and inclusive service.

The Uniform Hut nominated by Emily McCullagh, Lisa lewis

Green Futures Grimsby – Carol Blakeley (CEO) Yvonne Gorman

Sensory Cinema CIC

The Paint Box nominated by Emma Pye and Helen Logan-Brown

Little Oaks Nursery Grimsby nominated by Faye Clearwater

Learning4life-gy Sara and Claire Louis Meller

Little Oaks Day nursery nominated by Naomi Stanley

The Trin Center nominated by Denise Blackburn, Linda Goodall, Alan Paterson and others

Baby rainbow memorial garden nomianted by David Wright

Climb4 Limited nominated by Eleanor Slater and others

Sarah Jane Leggat nominated by Sarah Hewins

Ambitionvision – Katie Allison

Lisa Traquair NELPCF nominated by Donna Brown, Jaime Krogh and others

Nelpcf nominated by Sally and others

Pheonix park Academy

Royal Court Care Home nominated by Jane Thorpe-Green and Steven Broderick


Lucy Ridall


Jason is Lincolnshire FA’s Disability Football Ambassador with a commitment to ensuring football is a safe, enjoyable, and inclusive space for all, and what his role entails. Jason is also the Disability & Inclusion Lead at Grimsby Town Foundation. He has a visual impairment which developed as a teenager. Jason has been involved in disability football for over 20 years, as a player in the visually impaired National Football League, playing for teams such as Loughborough, Merseyside and RNC Hereford. He has also received several England caps playing for the first ever England Pan-Disability team and England Visually Impaired team.

In April 2024 popular beat bobby, Dave Cave declared Cleethorpes residents “the best in North East Lincolnshire” as he scooped a second award in two months. PC Cave received an award from The High Sheriff of Lincolnshire, in recognition of “Great and valuable service to the community.” This came hot on the heels of the Mayor of North East Lincolnshire’s “Good Neighbour Award” which he also received this year. Nothing is ever too much trouble for PC Dave, he takes community policing to the next level. Dave Cave – second to none policing, with an added smile!

Sarah Palmer is a project developer for community arts and a fantastically talented and successful local artist. Sarah works in watercolour and ink. She trained as a graphic designer, as a photographer and journalist and is a life-long calligrapher. She works in sketchbooks and paints and creates every single day. Sarah says, “Art feeds my soul. If I don’t get to paint each day, I don’t feel right. It’s a drive within me, and it also hugely helps my mental health, as it’s the ultimate way to be mindful. Pablo Picasso puts it better than I can”,
‘Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.’ You can see Sarah’s amazing artwork on Instagram: @thehousewiththebludoor

Tomos Marland is a returning winner and presenter to the SEND Awards. In 2022 he won the Creative Arts award for his passion for movie and film. Tomos is an Ambassador for SEND. He wants to shake up stereotypes about people with additional needs. Tomos has numerous accomplishments including being a Young Reporter, participating in the Youth Voice project, and winning the people’s vote at Linkage College, becoming the president of their Student Union.

James Elliott, Grimsby’s own Canoe River Cleaner has spent the last few years rowing up and down the waterways around NE Lincs and clearing algae and debris in an effort to our waterways more appealing to residents. He’s since become somewhat of a celebrity, turning the work into his living. James is an environmental inspiration for all our young people. Find out more about James at

Jenni is North East Lincolnshire Service Director of Education and Inclusion Jenni says “We know that for many of our young people, attending school is not always easy. Extra support might be needed in the form of additional resource, extra time to complete tasks, or ensuring there’s always someone there to help and offer advice when it’s needed. To hear that the recipient of this award has not only managed to overcome a range of hurdles, but he’s also then still found the time to help and support his peers. This is an example of the Education and Learning award at its absolute finest.”

Director and honorary Grimbarian Jack Spring is a multi-international award winning director who, in 2019, became the UK’s youngest feature director. In 2020, Jack directed his debut TV project and in 2022 his second feature film Three Day Millionaire, about a gang of Grimsby Trawler-men who carry out the heist of a lifetime. This film included many scenes shot on location in Grimsby and Cleethorpes. It peaked at number 5 on Netflix in the UK. In 2023 Jack directed project, All Town Aren’t We, a limited series on Grimsby Town Football Club’s miraculous 2021-2022 season and his beloved Grimsby Town’s epic 18-month journey.

What is YPAG? The SEND Young People’s Advisory Group is a group of young people with SEND aged 12 – 19. It is a friendly and informal group of students who meet regularly to chat, play games, shape our local offer for SEND, meet with guest speakers to offer feedback and views about our local area.

Cameron and Cody are cousins and regular YPAG members. They have helped to choose the winners for today’s event! Thank you, Cameron and Cody, for your continued support for Young People with SEND in our local area and for your valuable contributions to the YPAG group.

Find out more about YPAG on NE Lincs SEND Local Offer

SENCo Kate and Principal Neville head the team at a new specialist primary school for children with communication and interaction needs in Grimsby. ‘Launchpad’ is the first specialist provision of its type in North East Lincolnshire. It is designed to provide support and intervention to early years children and those in Key Stage 1. The new provision, delivered by Wellspring’s Littlecoates Primary Academy, is the result of a partnership with North East Lincolnshire Council. Launchpad’s success over the past academic year has been phenomenal! The cooperation of local education settings who work in conjunction with our council helps us to provide the best for local children and young people with SEND.

Rebecca says “As the Head of SEND and Inclusion for North East Lincolnshire, I firmly believe that all children have ability and the potential to achieve and as adults it is our job to unlock that potential and provide opportunities for their abilities to shine through. In my role, I have the absolute privilege of working with our partners across the education, health and care sector to ensure that we continue to improve the experiences for children and young people in our borough”.

The Mayor for 2024/25 is Councillor Steve Beasant. He was elected by his fellow councillors at the Mayor Making Ceremony on 15 May 2024. The Mayor is the first citizen of North East Lincolnshire and undertakes an important ceremonial role in and outside the borough. However, this role is different from some Mayors and Lord Mayors, such as the elected Mayor of London. The Mayor of North East Lincolnshire is politically neutral in carrying out all of their Mayoral duties. Welcome, Mister Mayor.

A supported internship allows young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Autism and/or learning disabilities who also have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) the chance to experience working with the support of a job coach. Giving young people the opportunity to grow through a supported internship, gain new skills and grow in confidence and independence is so valuable to both them and the community. In NE Lincs we have interns in roles such as grounds maintenance and hospitality (Reflections Tea Room) at Grimsby Crematorium, we also have interns at Diana Princess of Wales Hospital and a new upcoming offer with Humberside Police starting in September 2024. Regan, 20, is a perfect example. He has been working with the Hospital Estates team since September 2023 and is already regarded as one of the team, spending time with them socially, as well as being a firm favourite in the workshop. Known throughout the Trust for being friendly and helpful, the team has even started to learn sign language in their own time, to help them to communicate better with Regan, who is deaf.


Who picks the winners? The YPAG Group is a group of children and young people with SEND who meet regularly to take part in activities. They are meet with a panel of special guests, and notable figures from around our borough to decide who wins from shortlisted candidates.

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