10:11 am, Monday, 20th December 2021

SEND Award winners and nominations

The results are in!

There was some tough competition for the SEND Awards with a total of 141 nominations.

The whole panel were very impressed by the quality of the nominees and said that, “everyone deserves to win.”

See the delightful nominations, and the winners for the 2022 SEND Awards.

We would like to thank everyone who nominated a friend, colleague, education setting, teacher or anyone that they wanted to recognise.

There have been many grateful messages from people who are delighted and surprised to be nominated. It’s inspiring to see so much pride and gratitude shared by everyone.

We know that this is only a small snapshot of the achievements in our borough, so we hope to see more of the special things that local people are doing that deserve a spotlight at the next ceremony.

The judging panel was made up of the Young People’s Advisory Group (YPAG) and four special guests, Councillor Ian Lindley, Portfolio Holder for Children, Education and Skills, Rob Walsh, Chief Executive at North East Lincolnshire Council and NHS North East Lincolnshire CCG, local teacher and lunchbox hero Zane Powles, and Debra Gray, Principal at Grimsby Institute.

These special guests will also be presenting awards at the Ceremony alongside The Worshipful the Mayor of the Borough of North East Lincolnshire Cllr David Hasthorpe.

There are ten award categories. Seven for children and young people and three for adults and organisations.

Take a look at all of the great achievements coming from local people. We hope that all of the nominee’s, nominators, and all of our readers feel as proud as we do.

Children and young people

Community Award– Sponsored by VANEL
For someone who goes to remarkable lengths to help others lead their best life.

Winner- Kendra Theaker-Gregersen

Kendra Theaker-Gregersen

Kendra is a wonderful member of our community. She spends considerable amounts of time supporting others in school. However, it is her extra curricular activities that really set Kendra apart. Kendra is an avid Lego builder and enthusiast – who uses this passion to support those who have helped her. Before COVID struck, Kendra would take her Lego models and displays around the country to different conventions and exhibitions, where she would fund-raise for a group of different charities. These charities support the work done to help children like Kendra who herself has needed support from. Her way of giving back to these incredible people has been to raise thousands and thousands of pounds to support the continued and fantastic work of The Children’s Hospital Charity.

Kendra even arranged and ran her own Lego Convention in Grimsby to further raise funds for those who have helped her with her own conditions. I’m sure Kendra is itching to get back following COVID to support those in need.

-Rob Burnett


David Keeler

“David was asked to join the YPAG and did not hesitate. He has participated in numerous meetings and supported his wider class peers. David has helped in the planning stage of the school gardens and an active member of the Echo group.”

-Mr Blades

Cohen Cullum

Cohen volunteers at Fusion every Friday after school, and every Monday and Friday during the school holidays.
Whilst volunteering Cohen has various duties including answering the phones, sitting at the help desk, unpacking food donations from the public and creating food parcels to give to people who are struggling to feed their families.
Cohen is always helpful and has the ambition to work with homeless people when he leaves school.
Volunteering at Fusion and helping others is a massive step for Cohen as he has really had to push himself to gain the confidence to achieve this. It is supporting him to build his social skills and confidence within the community.

– Anonymous

James Burnett

James during the Covid Pandemic started helping people in his local area with shopping etc and this group grew to over 8000 people . he was helping local foodbanks , doing deliveries , making videos to cheer people . generally been a community champion.

– Paul Burnett

Kaitlyn Harrison

As a member of our Wellbeing Champion team, Kaitlyn is fully committed to making sure the wellbeing of other children in our Academy is at the forefront. She offers guidance and advice to her peers, brings questions and scenarios back to her Wellbeing Ambassador team and really values how important everyone’s SEMH needs are.

– Nichola Fawn

SENDIASS M&M (My Life My Voice) Group

Since 2016 the SENDIASS young people’s steering group have been meeting 6 times a year to ensure that the service we offer reflects what young people need and is relevant to them. Over this period we have had a small but active group of young people coming along. However we would like to nominate the 4 core group members who have constantly supported the service with their insights into life in NE Lincs when you have an additional need.
As well as providing feedback on the SENDIAS Service they have also met with the LA on many occasions to voice their views on a wide range of topics and issues that have been important to them, as well as information the LA needed to find out from young people. They have contributed to many, many things and below is a list of just some of their achievements:
SENDIASS Video – www.barnardos.org.uk/nelsendiass 
YP Interview panels/questions
Top Tips Fact Sheets –
Attending Meetings
Dealing with Bullying
How to be safe on the Internet
Keeping Well
National CDC YP SEND Conference 2018 Birmingham
Meetings with SEND Manager/Commissioner and Director of Childrens Services
Sleepover at The Deep
NE Lincs SEND Logo
2020 Young People’s The Big Event – My Future @ Freeman Street Market
Barnardo’s National Young Person’s survey 2021
These 4 young people are a credit to themselves and always remain positive, inspiring and fun to work alongside.

-Tanya Wormald, Team Manger SENDIASS NE Lincs

Creative Arts Award– Sponsored by The Culture House
For someone who has made an outstanding artistic achievement.

Winner- Tomos Marland

Tomos Marland

Tomos has a passion for cinema.
He says ‘cinema held me up during lockdown. It shaped me as a person in a way.’
He shared this in his creative writing piece for the Young Reporters. He enjoys writing regularly and critiquing moves in his spare time.

Tomos says: ‘People with needs can still create great content through writing, and other creative work.’
‘Seeing someone like me challenges peoples expectations of what someone with autism can do.’
‘If you know the stereotypes of a person with special needs you may think they are not creative, don’t have an in depth personality, and cannot think abstractly and put flair and originality into stories.”
‘It surpasses peoples expectations when they read a piece of creative work and they do not realise that the person who wrote it has autism.’
‘Using cinema and movies certainly gives me the hand in communicating with adults. From the way I see it, I could have a chill conversation in which I’m not being seen as the child during the talk, its an ideal that many people with needs want to have; have their voice heard in the chat and be on the same level as an adult. You’re basically an adult yourself when the talking get’s going. Your no longer invisible if you ask me. ‘

He is expanding his interest from cinema and movies to photography.
He can see the power of story telling and wants to use this to break stereotypes of special needs and create a movement locally in NEL.
Tomos wants to be a SEND Ambassador and his articulate way of expressing his interest as a movie buff makes him a lot of fun to spend time with and translates well into his creative work.

– Lauren Thompson


Jake Trushell

For his brilliant art work

-Jed Briscoe

Sports Award– Sponsored by Grimsby Town Sports and Education Trust
For someone who’s sporting achievements deserve to be celebrated.

Winner- Charlie Huntley

Charlie Huntley

“Charlie, has made exceptional progress regards to building his confidence . He works hard on developing his skills in football , boxing and swimming and achieved six medals for his football skills . Every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) Charlie, attends two different football clubs and works extremely hard. He also spent the majority of his summer taking classes with GSET football club which, consisted of long days (six hours) of training with Grimsby town.

Charlie, also commits’ to two evenings a week to train with Grimsby Amature boxing club. His determination has been infectious and I have seen him grow in confidence , thanks to his teachers and coaches (In and out of school)

Charlie, adores sports and never misses his sessions, I truly do believe it has helped him overcome some of his struggles with dyslexia. It has massively helped build his confidence.

I’m so proud of him.”

-Rachael Nelson Huntley


Benjamin Chester

He has come to my community class such as the ms society and most recently Aqua. He is very caring and helpful. He relates very well to people who have less than himselves and very caring towards people who are homeless. He has dyspraxia himself and has worked hard on his posture, balance and walking. He did fall daily. He past his Occupation Assessment with excellence. He is very determined and very caring. Always looking out for anthers.

– Kelly Chester

Elizabeth Harper Johnson

Fantastic skills and development in stand up paddle boarding including SUP Yoga.

– Caroline Carr

Freya Thompson

“Freya is and has been for sometime now introvert, she has stopped all external activities due to anxiety and mental health. It has proven extremely difficult to engage Freya in anything whether that’s with family, friends or at school. This has been a growing concern for Freyas family and we have struggle in what we can do to help her thrive and be a child. Having said this Freya if her own back decided to try out for the girls football team and got a place. She appeared so excited but also very scared. When I (mum) became aware she had done this I was surprised and this actually made me cry happy tears because all I want is for Freya to be a happy child and she has been withdrawn from the world for so long now. She has developed confidence playing football, not just during football but a little in herself. She has not had loads of time to practise football skills or play with her new developed team yet she competed in a huge competition with other schools. I was concerns she would get there and not join in as she does with all other activities but actually she played well and even scored 1 of 2 goals for the team during the competition. I am extremely proud of her and she didn’t let the stress and her confidence get in her way. She did not only me proud but her team and her school.”

– Anonymous

Colby Luddington

In the last year, Colby’s engagement in sport has increased tenfold. He has not always found it easy to participate and engage in events, especially when working as part of a team, but he now chooses to do sporting activities at every opportunity. This culminated in his first competitive event, taking part in curling with his school team. When a child even buys a whistle, to be the PE teacher in the lesson, they deserve every recognition.

-Nichola Fawn


Finley had a huge passion for football. He enjoys playing football trivia games with staff, sharing discussions about recent games and participating in football games and skill sessions daily. Finley sometimes struggles to control his emotions due to his complex SEMH needs but his enthusiasm for sport is undeniable.

-Sophie Ladd

Lucy Taff

I am nominating my. Child for this award as she was pick to play for her school last months. She did amazing. For her to go somewhere different. And. Particularly in front of other children. Is. A. Big step for her. She enjoys sports and all put her best efforts in.

-Zara Taff

Jack Harrison Frean

This young man come to training week in and week out. He always try’s his best.

– Jason Land

Jed Briscoe

For his excellent dodge ball skills and great sportsmanship he gets lots of pupils from Learning Support involved.

-Jake Trushell

Louie Greetham

Louie has the biggest passion for football, taking huge pleasure from playing in goal on a weekly basis. He has completed trials for Hull and will take at great length about his passion and interest in this area.

-Nichola Fawn

Owen Ward

“When Owen plays football, he motivates other people and helps them to keep going.
Even if he is struggling himself, he still thinks of others and shows sportsmanship to other people. Not just on the pitch but off the pitch as well. If someone gets hurt he is the first one there, looks out for support and wants to make sure they are okay. He is a real team player.

Owens’ passion for football goes beyond the game. He goes to the community days at Grimsby Town Football Club and volunteers there. It’s not just about playing football it’s the whole spirit and community around it. He says: ‘That’s what football is all about.’ He wants to work at the club in the future.”

-Michelle Ward

Owen Ward

“Owen is my Grandson whom I’m especially proud of. He has shown a deep passion for football but particularly for Grimsby Town football club over the past 14 years. He attends linkage college studying sport and as part of a module Owen is determined to create a charity football match and raise funds for socceraid2021. He is already well known at Grimsby Town football club by being a valuable player and team member as a goalkeeper, saving many goals in the disability team. Owen loves being involved with the club so much he helps there as a volunteer wherever he is needed. He puts his heart and soul into projects showing 100% commitment and perseverance to achieve his goals he aims for. The amount of energy he spends in working hard to make a tremendous difference to other people’s lives and a better chance to improve and succeed is admirable. Considering all the struggles and battles he’s had to go through but he still puts others needs before his own, I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this sports award than Owen which is why I wish to nominate him for recognition for the award.”

-Mrs Susan Baker

Ryan Horton

Ryan struggles with school and after school activities he usually does one session then doesn’t attend any more September 21 term he did a full term of after school football he said people said he wasn’t very good at it.. but I asked him do you enjoy it Ryan replied I love it.. I then said you keep at it if you enjoy it and don’t worry what people say as practice makes perfect.

– Claire Horton

Friendship Award
For someone who goes that extra mile to support others and be a great friend.


Joint First Place- Ryan Roffee and Riley Carnan-Bird

Ryan Roffee

When one of Ryan’s friends suffered a bereavement, Ryan was extremely supportive. He begged his family to buy gifts for his friend in memory and always asked how he could best support his friend. · Supporting his friends on a daily basis emotionally, if they are struggling, Ryan will guide them to manage their emotions better and stay with them until they are settled if appropriate.

– Jodie Bromley

Riley Carnan-Bird

Riley is a wonderfully helpful and supportive young man. He is someone who doesn’t always find school the easiest, and uses his own experiences to support those around him to ensure that everyone in his group is at least happy! He always finds a way to put a positive spin on everything that happens at school and can always be relied upon to support those who require a bit of a pick-me-up or a lift. His friends report that Riley is one of the kindest, most thoughtful people in school who will always go the extra mile for anyone.
He has been especially supportive during this year with those younger children starting out in the academy, giving them helpful tips and support if he feels they need it.”

-Rob Burnett


Lucy Taff

Lucy always goes above and beyond to help others and be a good friend. She really shines when attending outside events, with her classmates, as she looks out for other children in her team and make sure they feel happy and comfortable taking part in different competitive events.

– Nichola Fawn

Megan Edwards

Megan is a kind, generous friend to all. She joined out school in Year 5 and has always tried to fit in and do her best no matter what the challenge. AT PGL she shone with her cna do have a go attitude.

-Sarah Green

Morgan Cole

Morgan is a really friendly student to all of his peers. He always makes sure that everyone is included and has also been very supportive of students who have come to look around the school, telling them how good it is and how everyone helps them. He is such a positive character.

Kirsty Allard

Ruby Peace

Ruby has been an outstanding friend to all students in her class. Not only does she strive to achieve the best for herself, improving her own confidence and academic performance but also works to support others in their learning. She is a wonderfully caring and helpful at all times and an inspiration for all.

– Anonymous

Troy Aisthopre

Troy has verbal dyspraxia but he never allows this to stop him being fully involved in everything that happens at school. He is a good friend and will go out of his way to help others. He has been a popular choice for others to include in their Circle of Friends which reflects how his peers see him.

– Anonymous


Alfie always making new learners feel welcome by actively involving them in games, lessons, support their learning, teaching them about the school and supporting their emotional state.
Alfie will protect his friends, for example if someone has said something offensive about his friends, he will stick up for them and tell staff so it can get sorted.
Alfie tries to make his friends happy regularly by telling jokes and funny stories.
Alfie checks in on his friends daily, asking how they are/feel about something/asking if they need help or support.
At the beginning of 2021, Alfie had very limited friendships, now he is a good friend to everyone in his class and to others fully independently. Alfie is a great role model to new learners at the school.

– Jodie Bromley

Education and Learning Award
For any student who is dedicated to their education and strives to achieve the best they can in their chosen curriculum areas.


Joint First Place- Tegan White and Justin Dunford

Tegan White

Tegan lost many close family members, often in difficult ways, in a short period of time as a young girl from age 7-11. As a result she has an attachment disorder relating to school as each death happened while she was at school. Tegan’s attendance plummeted. She became withdrawn, had continuous anxiety attacks that last days even weeks. She received an end of year school report and saw her education was becoming effected. Since going back in September she chose to go back full time instead of the part time timetable that was in place for her. She has had no days off in relation to her anxiety and attachment disorder. She is engaging in more lessons and has joined after school clubs. The efforts she has gone to deserve to be recognised. For what she has been through she still strives to help others. Every year she holds a charity fundraiser for Macmillan, Amethyst Unit at Grimsby Hospital or Mental Health UK all in aid of those she has lost. She has applied to a new school that will allow her to study Psychology along side her curriculum to gain knowledge and understanding of her own experiences and feelings. She has underlying bowel conditions – colitis and slow transit chronic constipation. Her younger sister also has multiple complex disabilities to which Tegan is always hands on to help me care for her.

– Misha White

Justin Dunford

Justin would refuse to read anything and would turn ‘mute’, he is now confident enough to have a go at reading and can complete a reading comprehension with very little support. Justin also uses reading and spelling skills when he is playing on his game on the laptop.

Justin now completes all his work in every lesson, he no longer uses his blanket and does not hide under the table. He is starting to verbally communicate his feelings to staff members, and this then allows him to complete his work.

At the start of Year 8, Justin was completing Foundation Maths and needed to be fully supported, he now is completing Bronze Maths and will attempt the work by himself once he has had it explained. There have also been a few occasions when Justin has attempted Silver and even gold work in Maths. (He is now in Year 9)

Maths is a subject that Justin enjoys and is always trying his best in the lessons. Justin has put a lot of effort into improving in Maths and when he is unsure, he listens and tries to understand it. Justin will complete his work independently and will only ask for support if he really needs it. Justin is hoping he will be able to get a job in the fire service when he is older, therefore is trying hard with his Maths as he knows this is a subject he will need to know.

– Jodie Bromley


Billy Andrews

Billy has not always found learning easy but, in the last year, he has really began to feel a sense of belief in himself that he can achieve. As a member of our Y6 team now, it is a pleasure to see the lightbulb moments with him, which only come about due to his focus, commitment and dedication to improve. If nothing else, his TT Rockstars score is something to admire; Billy really is a star!

– Nichola Fawn


Callum tries his best with all work that is given to him and takes great pride in the presentation of his work. He is a pleasure to have in class.



He always gives 110% in class and very supportive when I am struggling with my work. He is kind, patient and very helpful.

– Lewis


Over the last year Callum has worked hard towards working for his GCSEs. He has thought a lot about what job he would like to do when leaving school and has a focus to where he wants his life goals to reach.

– Linda

Omar Albadry

He’s a very clever boy.

– Anonymous

Coby Matthews

“Coby has made all round progression throughout the year. He has worked hard to achieve his personal aim to progress from bronze to silver level in all subjects (even completing some gold topics in maths and ICT). Coby had a fear of computers and became stressed at the thought of ICT. He has worked hard to change his mind set and will be starting year 9 at gold! His eagerness to achieve and new found confidence in his own abilities in ICT has seen him make phenomenal progression.
Coby’s written work was unreadable when he joined the class in year 7. Throughout year 7 and 8, he has completed many writing practice booklets and used his own time to complete
writing activities. He has requested that we work on cursive writing in year 9.
Coby has started to read books and to mums shock he asked for the biography of Sir Tom Moore which he is working through. His new found enjoyment of reading is reflected in the
progress of his writing skills. Coby had been a reluctant reader. Coby will automatically start the day by playing TT Rock Stars to support the development of his times table skills as a building block for his maths progression.
Coby has made many personal developmental changes. Emotionally, Coby is managing all his fears and anxieties. At the beginning of the year, Coby had a worry book that he wrote in regularly. This was used to relay his worries to his safe faces and allow them to support him. Coby no longer uses his worry book although it is available to him. He is able to rationalise most of his worries without requiring intervention or support. When he is worried about anything, he will now just talk it through. Mum has also seen a huge difference in this at home.
PE was a big issue for Coby. He would not participate in most sports. (Some of this was believed to be an issue with his leg development and logged with his doctor) Coby participates in all sports now. Coby spent most of his free time at home gaming. Over the last year he has developed a solid friendship with a peer who runs in his spare time. In Autumn 2020 Coby (to mum’s shock) requested an exercise bike for Christmas and started spending time with his peer after school running as soon as the COVID restrictions allowed. Coby joined the school running club. Coby complete a 5k run for charity. He is now discussing with his peer about working to train to do a half marathon with the peer’s dad. (Mum shared a comment from the doctor at Coby’s last visit stating how the physical activity is supporting his leg development) Coby would often be at the centre of any disagreements within the classroom. He would exaggerate issues and become very stressed with anyone who did not take his view. Coby and I have taken time to unpick many of these issues as they occurred and how he could handle them better. He had taken dislikes to some peers and would use his own popularity to coheres others to take his point of view. We have completed lots of positive relationship sessions within Talkabout and implemented other interventions within the classroom to change mind sets. Coby has taken all of this onboard and is now friends with ALL his peers and will in fact become the natural mediator when there are any fall outs. He has developed a solid understanding of empathy and understanding. Mum often shares her experiences of the changes of Coby’s behaviour at home and how he has become a very caring and supportive older brother to his siblings. She has also stated that he is taking responsibility for supporting her with household chores which was something he would never do.”

– Jodie Bromley

Jacob Goodey

“Jacob is extremely hard working and will often research things that his is interested in independently. He completes all homework and has made excellent progress with his new option choices, particularly Sociology. He has an a great understanding of the subject already and can identify some of the main theories.

-Kirsty Allard

Jake Taylor

After joining his Y3 class at Strand 3, Jake is now working well within the Y1 curriculum. His learning attitude is keen, engaged and he just wants to do his absolute best at every opportunity, bringing light bulb moments and pride to all those he works with. Nichola Fawn
Justin Dunford “I think that Justin deserves this award because of how much progress he has made. At the start of Year 8 Justin would hide under the table at least once a day, he would need his blanket and refuse to do any work. Justin then built positive relationships with staff and started to feel confident enough to attempt work but had to have everything scribed for him. By building on this gradually, Justin was able to start writing for himself in other lessons.

– Anonymous

Rhys Boarder

He has a good work ethic, tries hard, always smiling and always thankful for support and polite towards peers and staff. Rhys has a number of difficulties that he has to face, and still being diagnosed with more. Rhys still keeps going despite this with a positive outlook and view to his life and education. He always has good attendance and puts in all the effort and works hard to any goal that he sets or is set.

– Jo

Riley Crooks

Riley tries hard in all of his lessons and never lets any barriers stop him. He is focused and mature in his attitude and always tries his best in his lessons. He is extremely hardworking and makes good progress with his learning because of this.

– Kirsty

Ryan Roddy

Ryan deserves to be recognised for this award for his continuous hard work and willingness to take on anything and try new things. He is always Happy and positive, puts in 100% effort and supports his peers wherever possible in all activities.

– Anonymous

Samuel Taylor

Samuel has made so much progress both socially and academically. In year 10 Samuel was able to transition confidently to a larger school site integrating with learners from other classes to be able to access a GCSE English and mathematics programme. Samuel is an active member of the group and although he elects not to speak, provides peer support to other learners via demonstration and written prompts. Samuel has demonstrated a love to learn attitude especially in maths and wants more and more work to complete! Samuel has resilience and determination to achieve and will never give up. Samuel will ensure that he requests further information and checks work before he is satisfied. I hope that Samuel’s hard work and determination pay off when it comes to his examinations in the summer.

– Jodie Bromley

William Storr

“William has SMA type 1, a genetic condition which makes muscles weaker. As a result of this William is only able to move his face, fingers and toes. As a baby William had a tracheostomy fitted, which has prolonged his life and stabilised his health. Unfortunately this means William cannot talk. At age 2 William trialled using an eye gaze machine to communicate. Williams health at this time proved too unstable, so he didn’t meet the criteria to keep it. Fast forward, four years William has just had confirmation he will receive long term funding for an eye gaze machine.
William has worked very hard to get to this point. During Covid he was home schooled and tirelessly worked to achieve learning outcomes that would enable the new application to be submitted. In July, William was accepted to start trialling use of the eye gaze machine. He was set objectives to work towards that he would be assessed against. Even through periods of illness, William has practised using his eye gaze at home and in school. He can now join in with conversations with his family, staff and friends at school. He reads along with well known stories and, he picks a film he would like to watch and can now play games with his brother and sister just to name a few things. His stubborn determination to prove his ability to communicate, means that William has now successfully secured long term funding for his eye gaze machine. We are so very proud of William and would love his fantastic achievement to be recognised.”

-Sue Zielinski

Lucy Taff

I think my, child deserve this ward. As she always trys her hardest with school. Work even when she struggles. She will. Keep trying till she understand. This does. Not. Cone easy to my daughter. Also she. Control her behaviour very well in the school environment which she struggles very much with in her hone setting.

– Zara Taff

Environment Award– Sponsored by Outdoor Learning Schools
This award provides us with an opportunity to celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements of environmental volunteers and supporters who are determined to look after our planet.

Winner- Riley Gault

Riley Gault

Riley was a leading member of the school group who designed and created our garden at Laceby Road. Work was completed in conjunction with the local recycling centre and Bush tyres. Donated recycled tyres are used as growing vessels and a member of staff from Grimsby’s recycling centre has donated items for learners to upcycle, including a bench. A compost heap has been included and Riley adds to this weekly. The staff member from the recycling centre has has a Q&A to help all learners understand the impact of recycling on climate change.
Bird boxes and a bird table have been made from recycled material and fruit bushes have been planted to provide food for squirrels and birds. Riley is currently enjoying building a bug hotel.
The garden area is also now used as an outdoor classroom.

– Jodie Bromley


Brenden Ortton

He takes time out of his own time to do clean ups in his local Park

– Sonia Barley

Brody Croft

Brody has visual impairment but that does not stop him being fully involved in school life. Last year he was involved in our recycling scheme and came early every day to manage our recycling bins. Brody has also been finding support from within the wider community, attending events for the Visually Impaired. He is really enjoying reaching out and meeting others who share his disability.

– Sarah Green

Courtney De Ste Croix

Courtney has been involved with our gardening project since it began. She is enthusiastic and keen and always tries her best. She has a keen interest in the club, and she has learnt a lot of knowledge. She is most probably going to represent the school in the Flower in Bloom competition.

– Kirsty Allard

Joshua Draycott

Josh has worked very hard in our school garden. He spent a lot of time during the lockdowns helping with the garden and was very hardworking. He was very enthusiastic and learnt a lot of information. It also helped to boost his confidence, and let him be successful in an alternative activity.

– Kirsty Allard

Kiva Wood

Kiva is a real green-inspiration within the academy. Kiva has campaigned and then supported the running of our own Beacon Academy Eco-Club. This group works hard on finding ways in which the school can be more environmentally friendly. Kiva is a huge advocate for nature, the environment and the wider world of animals and nature. She has aspirations for a career in this area in the future. She is a powerful and vocal part of this group and is empowering real change in our students, school and wider community!

– Rob Burnett

Student Personality of the Year Award– Sponsored by Youth Action
For anyone aged 5-25 years in education or training who really stands out as an inspiration to us all.


Joint First Place- Jeanie-May Cooke and Millie Allenby

Jeanie-May Cooke

She has and is still battling everyday with cancer along hips, uses a wheel chair, and cannot walk is an amputee and still inspired everyone around her smiles everyday has gone to Havelock school in September which she is very much enjoying due to the teachers and children accepting her for who she is and how she is. She hasn’t had much education over the past 4 years due to bone marrow transplant she inspires everyone around her everyday she is amazing and positive a girl who just has not had an easy life so far. This girl is amazing inside and out so kind caring thoughtful.

-Michelle Cooke

Jeanie-May Cooke

Because Jeanie has gone from primary school (which she didn’t really attend due to pain etc for the last 3 years) to secondary school in September and has tried her hardest to attend every day since. With only a few absences required. Having a through knee amputation in July 2018 and cancer which spread around her whole body this put a few stops in jeanies once normal, active life. She absolutely thrives through school and is an inspiration to everyone who knows her

– Anonymous

Millie Allenby

This child has cystic fibrosis, she has a strict regime she has to follow everyday and night and still achieves so well at school, she amazes me everyday of how much she’s so motivated, brave and just an my inspiration to many around her, and she continues to smile even on her bad days.

– Kelly Allenby



“Ash deserves an award because they are an inspiration in the LGBT+ community.

It’s interesting to see that even though they are only 16, they are very engaging and accepting. They say gender is a social construct, it doesn’t define the individual. They always say it doesn’t matter who you are or how you identify, just to be yourself.

Sometimes they get backlash but stays true to who they are.
They want to use their voice to raise awareness of LGBT+. They can explain the different identities and sexualities. They are willing to educate others who may not be aware, and use this as a way to combat homophobia. They stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

They can relate to people who may still be finding their way and who need support and offers guidance.
They relate to, and are supportive of, the mental health aspect of LGBT+. They can apply this insight to any way people might be struggling, not just those who are LGBT+. “

– Michelle Ward

Callum Jefferson

Callum is an outstanding human. Dedicated to not only his school work, but despite anything else comes into school each day with a smile on his face and putting a smile on others! He goes out of his way to ask you if you’re ok. Callum shows outstanding dedication to his studies.



Callum has been in alternative provision for nearly 5 years now. During his time at Phoenix Park he has shown immense progress in his SEMH needs and acts as a superb role model for other students now. He has an incredibly mature personality, often making ‘dad jokes’ which have all students and staff laughing. Callum has been a delight to teach and he has now has a clear ambition to become a train driver when he leaves school.

– Sophie Ladd

Daniel Elson

Daniel has an incredibly contagious positive outlook towards school. He will always arrive and spark up conversations with staff members and peers alike. Daniel has an incredibly witty sense of humour which he uses to entertain and uplift all of those lucky enough to be around him. He supports staff during break and lunch with his strong moral compass! He is a wonderfully friendly and kind young man who is a credit to our academy.

-Rob Burnett

Jake H

Jake has always tried his hardest despite his difficulties. He is an enthusiastic learner who loves school. School staff always comment on him being happy and smiley and he is a pleasure to have in class. Jakes struggles mean everything is harder but despite this he puts 100% into everything.

– Emma Hanson

William Dixon

Will is always willing to help out and get involved with any opportunity that is presented to him. He is helpful and positive towards staff and peers and always meets difficulties in a positive manner. Will is very polite and happy and is always interested in other peoples days and lives. He has been a student mentor within the college for other students that have joined us and help them to get settled into the college.

– Jo

Adults and Organisations

Inspiring Teacher Award
For an adult working with children with special educational needs who has had a huge impact. A committed individual who raises the aspirations for young people with SEND.


John Blades

For delivering lessons in a positive and kind manner.

– Callum

Just an inspiration to all the young people he teaches; I wouldn’t be where I am without Mr. BLADES.

– Anonymous

He does great for my child Leo. He will go above and beyond for Leo and very helpful.

– Anonymous

Never switches off even outside of working hours. The differences he makes is of a positive nature.

– Anonymous

Outstanding SEMH support, lessons and resources for the Academy’s children and young people.

– Harriet Barber

His excellent inclusive approach to teaching students at Parkside. Goes above and beyond to arrange appropriate interventions for EHCPs such as SEMH lesson plans and organising SALT sessions.

– Sophie Ladd


Mr. Blades and Mrs. Ladd

Mr. Blades and Mrs. Ladd are exceptional teachers and lead by example.

– Anonymous

Rose Tanser, Early Years

Rose goes above and beyond to support nursery settings with senco children, Rose supports the senco staff really well and gives advice and guidence in all aspects of the senco role,Rose is a credit to Early years and we are extremely fortunate to have Rose supporting our setting.

– Anonymous

Saraiah (ray) Swallow

Because she uses her own time to work 1-1 with others to ensure their time at gymnastics is enjoyable and manageable.

– Anonymous

Sarah Wagstaff

Sarah is a credit to Butterflies day nursery, Sarah is not only an amazing friend she gives the familes support and advice they need, sarah believes in people and is amazing at building up peoples confidence and self esteem, Sarah is the most caring and nurturing women i have ever met , Sarah deserves this award.

– Anonymous

Alicia Jenkins

Alicia really cares about her students and is passionate about teaching. Alicia goes above and beyond for her students.

– John Newman

She is always enthusiastic and full of energy. All the learners excel in her class and she can manage any class she is given.

– Anonymous

Becky and Evie

The coaches at Eclipse offer such a wide range of opportunities for children with SEN. As a teacher, I can confidently say they provide a safe and secure environment for families and individuals who require understanding, talented staff.

– Courtney

Becky and Evie

I would like to nominate all of the staff at Eclipse who have provided an inclusive, positive and enabling environment for my 9-.year old daughter who has Down’s Syndrome.

– Lisa

Becky and Evie

They have really helped my brother through the pandemic keeping him mobile.

– Tilly

Becky and Evie

pushing my son and ensuring hes achieving his full potential.

– Louise

Becky and Evie

Amazing teacher. She’s helped children for years and loves them all so much she does everything she can to make them happy.

– Toni

Becky and Evie

they deserve this award for all the time they take to make these young children feel overwhelmingly happily and make they’re days even better.

– Toni

David Grest

He works tirelessly to fight for the right kind of education for all the children at his school. He is supportive for all SEND children and their families and constantly fights for them to get what they need.

– Jennifer

Donna Wright

Donna works as a 1:1 TA for a Y3 pupil who is blind. She is committed to upskilling herself so that she can provide the best possible specialist support for the pupil. This has involved recently completing a course to develop her understanding of teaching braille.; this has taken her around 50 hours, some of which she has done in her own time. Donna continually goes over and above in her efforts to support the pupil both educationally and pastorally, ensuring that the pupil has the best possible experience and opportunities at our school. We are so lucky to have her as part of our team.

– Claire

Gemma Gladwin

Outstanding commitment to the delivery of one to one education to her pupil.

– Caroline

Glenis Vessey

Glenis always goes above and beyond to support our setting and our staff when we have children who have an additional need. She is kind, caring, professional and very knowledgeable. Glenis is someone who will always answer any queries that we may have and she cares about all the children who are on her register. We are lucky to have her as our SEN support….

– Jackie

Jayne Dodd

As the newly appointed Principal of Best Futures SEMH school, the immense impact Jayne has had on the lives of all students both past and present was immediately apparent .
Over the years, Jayne has managed to reach out to all the children who have had challenging behaviour and through nurture and patience, has enabled these children to gain confidence, build friendships with peers and learn in an environment of mutual trust and respect. Jayne has supported students, who at the beginning of their Best Futures journey, were unable to access mainstream education. By working intensively with these children both educationally and emotionally, tirelessly finding bespoke ways to engage and build self esteem, Jayne has guided them on the pathway to being the best they can be and where appropriate, supported successful reintegration into mainstream education.
Not only has Jayne had a huge impact on the children she has taught, evidenced by the progress of the children and feedback from parents and carers but also on members of staff across the school thereby ensuring all children have the same opportunity to learn in a way that meets the child’s needs and at their own pace. Jayne is an inspiration to both pupils and staff and I can’t think of a more worthy recipient of this award.

– Caroline

Jenni Kirkham and Steph Whitehead

Mrs Kirkham and Mrs Whitehead work 1:1 with my son who has autism. George has complex needs and limited verbal communication. The support and care that they both show for George is outstanding. They show empathy, kindness, patience and dedication on a daily basis. Not every day is easy or straight forward but they strive to achieve the best outcomes always. The progress George has made at school is remarkable and both these TA’s have played a huge part in this. The pride on their faces when George has had achieved something new reassures me that he is in the best possible hands.

– Rachael Adams

Kate Cowdeoy

Kate is an amazing SENDCo at Littlecoates Primary Academy who is dedicated to supporting all the children in the school, but especially those with SEND needs. She inspires the staff and other children to support those who have additional needs, without prejudice.

– Hannah McVeigh

Kathryn Wesley

Kathryn has a number of pupils with complex needs in her class. She provides personalised timetables and activities for a range of children, manages TAs, resources and personalities with a a big smile and lots of enthusiasm no matter what. She is a great role model for all other staff. When she doesn’t know she will always ask and her commitment to her pupils is exemplary.

– Sarah Green

Kerry Duffield

Amazing SEN leader at Havelock academy always putting the needs of the children and her team first

– Sonia Barley

Lorraine Glover

Lorraine does an absolutely exceptional job. In the absence of the usual SENCO, Lorraine has stepped in and maintained high standards for SEND provision at the academy. She knows every single student with SEND in the school backwards and is always on hand to provide support and guide an inexperienced SEND team through the various processes. Without her knowledge and support, I have no doubt that tens of students would be without the support they need.


Megan McFarlane

Megan is a newly qualified teacher and is already SENCO support at Oasis Academy Immingham. The work she does with individual students is exceptional. She is the go-to person for every child with SEMH challenges and is always available to listen to them and provide practical and useful advice. We are incredibly lucky to have her as part of the academy and I know a large number of students feel the same way.

– Anonymous

Miss Critchley

For being a good TA and Learning Mentor.

– Jake Trushell and Jed Briscoe

Miss n fawn

This send teacher goes out of her way to do best for all the children that struggles on the way. She put them first and goes. Above and behind to help and support not just the children but there. Family’s aswell. She truly. Does. Deserve to be awarded for all her hard work. She. Is a. Top teacher and Scartho jrs are. Lucky to have her

– Zara Taff

Mr Tuffnell Head of Year 11

“He has supported my son fantastically since starting year 11. Through making sure my son has a laptop to help with writing, supporting my son in extra helping in exams and being a fantastic member of staff who is always there with a smile on his face.
He has always been helpful to me when contacting him.”

– Emma Hanson

Rebecca Porter

The work she has done with her class is absolutely amazing. The learners in her class (in particular one learner) has come on leaps and bounds and is literally a completely different child to when he first started at Orchard.

– Sarah Weller

Education Setting Award
This award is for an Early Years setting or a school or college that stands out by making a real difference to the lives of children and young people with SEND and their families in our community.

WinnerPheonix Park, Parkside (SEMH Provision)

Pheonix Park Academy, Parkside

The staff at Parkside have shown outstanding patience and dedication for our new EHCP SEMH pilot. It is never easy settling a new cohort of students but staff have persevered and shown a willingness to develop their own skills sets to ensure learner needs are being met.

– Sophie Ladd

Pheonix Park Academy, Parkside

Parkside (SEMH Provision) The work, the passion, the determination to make a difference for each learner that walks through the door. Over the past four years, Parkside have created a safe haven for the most vulnerable young people who suffer from SEMH difficulties.

– Anonymous


The Orchard School

All staff at Orchard school roberts Street site. They go above and beyond there job to support the children and family always helping nothing is ever to much.

– Anonymous

Eclipse Gymnastics Centre

Absolutely amazing club couldn’t do enough for you. Amazing with children and young adults. Also help for SEN they are amazing.

– Megan

Beacon Academy

Beacon Academy. They have a highly inclusive ethos, admitting a range of children and young people with a diverse set of special educational needs. They also support the secondary ASPIRE process, providing a second chance to many young people in the local area. Both the headteacher, Jason Thurley and the SENCO, Rob Burnett, actively promote the inclusive ethos of the setting, helping many children settle into their education and achieve really positive outcomes.

– Anonymous

Butterflies Day Nursery

*This nomination has been amended for discretion

The nursery go above and beyond to ensure [my child] can attend safely and still be just as involved in their planned activities as [their] peers. They often arrange parent meetings so they are bought up to date with medical needs. [My child’s] key worker specifically… leaves no stone unturned when it comes to [my child] and the care [they] requires whilst in the nursery setting. They really are an asset to [my child’s] education and care, providing fundamental services to suit [them].

– Anonymous

Cambridge Park Academy

Cambridge Park Academy is great because it helped Owen to make strides forward and achieve personal accomplishments.
They helped him become more independent.
They have supported him in working towards his goal and passion, which is football.

They also helped him with extra curricular hobbies and interests. He did the Duke of Edinburgh and did the NCS with them.
He has thrived because of the support that they have given him.”

– Michelle

Fairfield Academy

They come up with some amazing ideas to help children and will start to help as soon as possible.

– Anonymous

Little Oaks Nursery

All the staff give 110% . If any parent has had problems regarding their children at home they do their best to help the parents and children to insure a positive lifestyle for the children. I know this first hand with my son who has learning disabilities and speech delay/non verbal /behaviour that challenges. If I’ve needed advice or even someone to talk to they always make themselves available or point me in the right direction for help . I cannot thank them enough . Especially to Jess the manager, kirsty the room leader of hedgehogs and Vicki of hedgehogs.

– Anonymous

Littlecoates Primary Academy

This setting is amazing! They work with children from 2-11 years of age. This is a mainstream school, however, they have a large number of children with SEND needs who are all catered for. Their staff provide excellent support to all the children and parents no matter what their SEND need is, because they are led by a fantastic SENDCO – Kate Cowdroy. But most of all, the staff care about each child – ensuring each child achieves and reaches their individual potential regardless of the barriers they face.

– Anonymous

Ormiston South Parade Academy

For the lovely Atlas room which is making such a difference in children’s learning and wellbeing and the staff involved

– Anonymous

The Orchard School

The Orchard “The school are absolutely fantastic and go above and beyond for all of their students.
If they can help they will or they’ll find a way of getting your child help if they can’t do it themselves.”

– John Newman

Zebedee Performing Arts

“The group was set up by Zoe Proctor 7 years ago due to a lack of arts provisions in the area- especially for the over 16 age group who have a learning disability. Zoe & her team meet weekly & run performance arts sessions for an incredible group of young adults & each term they cover a new performance led topic. As well as having lots of fun the young people gain so much more- they learn social & communication skills and have developed life long friendships.
Zoe & her team work tirelessly to provide the highest level activities & have organised some amazing shows & trips in the past.
The members see Zebedee as part of their extended family & support network & I feel they absolutely deserve this award. “

– Anonymous

Zebedee Performing Arts

They bring so much joy to special needs adults, with dance, singing, signing. They perform at various events.

– A Woodhouse

Special Recognition Award Sponsored by Focus
For achievements not covered in other categories, such as inspiring parent/carers, support workers, health care workers or social care workers who have made a real difference to the lives of children and young people with SEND and their families in our local area.

Winner-Glenis Vessey

Glenis Vessey


– Anonymous

Glenis Vessey

Glenis is always on the end of the phone to be a helping hand to us and the support she gives us as professionals and the children is Outstanding.

– Anonymous

Glenis Vessey

Glenis is special, she supports so many families and children with special needs, she goes above and beyond in her role within the early years sector, if anyone needs advice she will always telephone you or email you straight away, its never a bother, it doesn’t matter if its 10pm on a friday night, Glenis always appears to be available 24/7, she has been doing the job for so many years she deserves some recognition! she is absolutely amazing.

– Debbie

Glenis Vessey

For all the amazing work she does and the support she gives to children across all settings.

– Anonymous

Glenis Vessey

She always goes above and beyond to help wherever and whenever needed. She works extremely hard to support early years settings and wil be sorely missed when she leaves.

– Anonymous

Glennis Vessey

Glenis goes over and above her contractual duty to offer the best care and support to the early years team and their students. She provides advise and guidance and does her uttmost to visit even though her schedule is very tight. It is often know that emails are sent to providers after hours as she has not had the time in the day due to her diligence of attending settings to visit the children. Her proffessionalism is first rate and knowledge is invaluable.

– Anonymous

Glenis Vessey

She always goes above and beyond to support local setting with children with SEND. She is always on the other end of the phone for any advice needed, although she is always booked up with appointment to see children requiring help and support, if an urgent visit is required she will do her best to get in to see the child to offer support and advice.

– Anonymous

Glennis Vessey

Glennis goes over and above her contractual duty to offer the best care and support to the early years team and their students. She provides advise and guidance and does her uttmost to visit even though her schedule is very tight. It is often know that emails are sent to providers after hours as she has not had the time in the day due to her diligence of attending settings to visit the children. Her proffessionalism is first rate and knowledge is invaluable.

– Anonymous

Mrs Glenis Vessey

For her outstanding dedication to helping and supporting settings in the early identification and support for our SEND pupils. We know Glenis works long hours to support our setting alone so how she spreads herself across the authority to such a high standard is remarkable and so obviously going above and beyond her official working hours. Nothing is ever too much for Glenis and it is reassuring to know that she always makes time to answer any queries so quickly. Our authority and our children and families are lucky to have a Glenis!

– Anonymous


Access Pathway team and Panel members

“The dedication and commitment of all the members of the Access Pathway team and the members of the Access Pathway Panel is exemplary. The Access Pathway core team and the Access Pathway Panel members involve professionals from Health, Education, Early Help and Family Hubs working together. Their commitment to the children / young people, parents /carers and the professionals /authors of referrals continued throughout the challenges presented by the COVID pandemic.
During the COVID pandemic the Access Pathway Panel has continued to function and accept referrals so that children/young people were able to continue through the process.
Training sessions on the current referral process to newly qualified social workers, Young Minds Matter and Compass Go have continued to be delivered throughout the pandemic.
The Access Pathway has continued to implement recommendations especially around improved communication, Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) input and pre panel consultations with parents / carers.
Due to the lockdown restrictions the pre panel consultations with parents / carers / young person have been completed via telephone calls. Panel meetings have been held virtually via Teams and this system is still currently in place. Authors of referrals attend the virtual panel to represent views of the child and their family, and in addition, the author is sent before Panel any additional questions or requests for additional information or supporting evidence which assists the Panel to make a more informed decision.
Parents/carers have provided feedback that they have been happy with this approach and pleased to hear that the service has not been paused due to COVID-19.”

– Anonymous

Cara Davies

“Cara goes above and beyond for the students she supports. Is always happy to chat to parents.
Cara has always supported me during my difficult days towards the end of my time at orchard.”

– John Newman

Caroline Carr

Caroline came forward to run a Holiday Activities and Food Programme in the summer, which was run from Brighton Slipway. Caroline particularly encouraged children and families with additional needs to attend, and enabled children and young people to try new and exciting activities on the beach.

– Wendy Jackson

Chris Ward

Chris is a child focussed professional who always puts the needs of the children she works with first. As the head of children’s complex health, her work didn’t stop during the pandemic and she had to find creative ways to still enable her staff team to visit the families across the borough who needed it most. From sourcing specialist PPE to getting stuck in and visiting the children and families herself, Chris always leads by example and has a vast knowledge and experience spanning many years. She is a real asset to services for children with SEND and complex health needs in North East Lincolnshire.

– Anonymous

Corinne Bryan

She has been raising awareness for children/people with autism, while looking after her own 3 young children full time while battling with her own mental health, she has highlighted more than most the struggles and obstacles that parents of children with additional needs face daily, while trying to fight for change and acceptance for sen children especially social and educationally, she is raw honest and unafraid to show her vounreble side whilst trying to educate others.

– Anonymous

Dawn Best

“Dawn Best is one of the most caring, selfless, thoughtful and hardworking people I know. Dawn established Best Futures School because she saw there was a need for a specialist school for children with social and emotional challenges. The number of referrals increases year on year enabling more children and families to benefit from the specialist SEMH support and provision. Dawn has forged many collaborations including in the local community and other external agencies to enhance social outcomes, cultural capital, life experiences and essential life skills for the children including swimming, horse riding and educational trips.

Dawn has worked tirelessly to ensure that not only the pupils but also her staff at Best Futures get the best experience, welfare, support and memories possible. Dawn’s care and dedication has ensured children get the best outcomes possible and go on to achieve and succeed, making a huge difference to the lives of the children and their families. Her dedication and determination to continually improve education and social outcomes are inspirational to so many including staff, families and other services. I cannot do justice to the relentless passion and drive she has given and continues to give the Best Futures family and to be a recipient of the Special Recognition Award would go some way towards acknowledging this incredible, unique and special person that we are all very fortunate to be inspired by and work with.

– Anonymous

Becky, Eclipse Gymnastics

Becky is qualified to offer rebound therapy sessions, and provides one-to-one support for young people to access this. The club as a whole is inclusive, supporting children and young people with SEND to access mainstream gymnastics classes in a way that meets their individual needs.

– Anonymous

Becky and Evie, Eclipse gymnastics Centre, Grimsby

This year they worked in partnership with the local authority to add SEN specific gymnastics to their club as part of the local offer. They have 1-2-1 supporting staff who make sure that sen children are fully included in sessions, have programmes adapted to aid their own gymnastics personal development, visual prompts and cards to aid the child’s understanding and most importantly patience and understanding of how to interact and get the best out of a sen child. They work in partnership with parents and fully take on board what each child’s needs to be able to join in the club.

– Anonymous

Holly Robinson

Holly is a fantastic friend to another student who struggles. She encourages them to make the right choices and has been an amazing friend. She will alert staff to any problems and also sits with this student during unstructured time and also in some lesson.

– Kirsty Allard

Jayne Parrish

“For working so hard for all SEND young people locally as part of SENDIASS”.

– Chloe Parrish

Karen Murphy

“We would like to nominate Karen for this award as she is an inspiration to our setting. She never fails to arrive with a smile on her face and is always on hand to offer support and advice, often when she is on leave she will still respond and be there for us as a setting. Karen is always willing to listen to us and makes us feel at ease when we are unsure of something, never making us feel silly for asking questions or for help. She has so much knowledge and wisdom to share with us, her visits are always a pleasure. Karen will always give us feedback and reassurance that what we have done for the children in our care is valued, and if we need to improve on anything Karen will also point us in the right direction.
Karen works fantastic with Glenis and Rose and will pass on information on our behalf without hesitation. The 3 of them have been amazing, particularly in the last year during Covid, even with the barriers the world has put between us they have still been there throughout.
Karen always has the children’s needs at the heart of her visits, and the children are comfortable around her when she’s on the nursery floor, often taking her a toy to engage her in their play. Karen speaks to the children with warmth and makes them feel listened to. She has such a kind and inviting aura.
Karen has gone above and beyond, particularly when she offered to come into setting and gave us hands on training when we have asked for support with particular behaviours, we have then been able to implement these skills into the sessions at nursery to support the children who are now benefiting from this.
We have had times when parents have needed a little more reassurance and Karen has been supportive to not only us, but also the parents, meeting with them and Health Visitors to discuss the child’s needs. This is fantastic that parents can put a face to a name and see who is involved in their child’s development.
Without Karen’s advice, knowledge and understanding, we feel as a setting we would not be able to continue to provide the high level of SEN support our children need and we will always feel very privileged to be able to work with such an asset to the team.
We want Karen to know that all of us at Butterflies Day Nursery really do value and appreciate all of the time she gives to us, our children and their families. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Karen!

– Charlotte Marshall/Sara Wagstaff Butterflies Day Nursery Team

Louise Marsden (Cass)

Louise is a great colleague from Havelock (now the chair of governors at PPA). She will go above and beyond to support my progression, as well as support my dreams on becoming the best professional I can be. Louise takes time out from her busy schedule and offer that bespoke 1:1 support. It does not matter what your title is or profession, Louise will support!

– John Blades


My Fiancé, Corinne Shes a huge autism advocate and uses social media to teach and help other parents who are going through a autism diagnosis.

– Luke Finch

Norma Yarbrough

Norma has for many years worked supporting adults with disabilities into work placements and often paid work through the NEL Employability Services. We feature a young man on our Local Offer, Ryan, who’s aspiration was to have a job. Ryan was supported by Norma to complete an Apprenticeship and is now in in a permanent paid job. Norma has been willing to get with younger people and her team positively supported 6 young people in post-16 through our Getting a Life Project, this led to paid work for 4 of the young people. In recent years Norma has been supporting 6th forms and colleges to provide invaluable work experience to support young people to make careers choices and access supported employment on leaving education. Most recently Norma has continued her unstinting support to young people and is delivering key elements in our latest project, the Supported Internship programme. We are confident with Norma onboard the young people will, benefit hugely from her input, advice and ongoing support.

– Anonymous

Rebecca Smith

“My daughter works at Eclipse Gymnastics
She has just helped to promote and works hands on in rebound to assist children with disabilities encouraging them to work along side with able bodied students Rebecca goes above and beyond with a passion and commitment A busy mum with 4 children working 2 jobs both jobs working with disabled children Rebecca still helps adults with learning disabilities from previous jobs her door is always open She encourages her children and supports them with their hobbies riding gymnastics and football often goes without but always smiles and put others first Truly an inspirational person Wonder Woman doesn’t come close.”

– Sharon Smith

Sophie Ladd

She is a great mentor, support network and colleague at Parkside. I would not be able to fulfil my role without her backing and support. She listens to my plans and encourages me to take a more proactive approach to teaching.

– John Blades

The Young People’s Advisory Group (YPAG) is a group of 14 children and young people in Secondary School with SEND who have been developing the ceremony.

They’ve been involved in all aspects of the project. Together they have chosen the theme, ‘a night at the movies’, picked the Award categories, and chosen the venue and prizes. They have also helped to cast and get nominations and have judged them with the panel of special guests, and more.

The SEND Award Ceremony will take place on Friday, 21 January from 5pm-7pm in the Assembly Room at the Grimsby Town Hall, Town Hall Square, DN31 1HU.

As there are a limited number of seats, tickets are by invitation only.

Tickets have been reserved for winners and their family as well as the YPAG members and their family.

The event will be recorded and shared publicly. If you do not wish to be filmed then please contact Lauren Thompson at lauren.thompson2@nelincs.gov.uk.

We really appreciate all the local businesses, charities, and organisations, and the people behind them who have generously donated to our ceremony to make it extra special for the children and young people and their families. Your generosity is going towards some exciting prizes, as well as food and decorations at the event to bring the children’s idea of ‘a night at the movies’ to life.

As well as the Award sponsors above, the ceremony has been made extra special by:

The details of some of the nominations and nominators were not published because we didn’t have consent. If you would like to add your nomination, or name as the nominator then please contact, lauren.thompson2@nelincs.gov.uk.