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Child Development Centre

Specialist Advisory Service (Early Years – Child Development Centre Education Team)

This small team of experienced Early Years Teachers is based at the Child Development Centre (CDC) within the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital site.

As part of a larger team of specialist professionals, they are available to families and Early Years providers to assist in the identification and assessment of children under 5-years -old with significant additional or complex needs.

The CDC Education team work closely with the Portage Service and provide specialist advice and support to families and practitioners. They also integrate with the CDC Nursery team of Children’s nurses and Play Specialists. The Early Years Teachers within the team are also available to advise North East Lincolnshire’s school-based Foundation Stage practitioners on personalised planning for young children’s learning and development.

The Education team provide Multi-Agency Developmental Assessments and Educational Outreach Support.

Multi-Agency Developmental Assessment

The Multi-Agency Developmental Assessment is designed to help families and practitioners understand to a young child’s development when concerns have been expressed about it. The team work in partnership with parents and other professionals to build a picture based on the child’s play in the home, in their educational setting and at the CDC during a small number of sessions. Observation of their play and some developmental testing activities provide the basis for:

  • Short-term advice and support with their development for everyone caring for or working with the child
  • A Multi-Agency Support Plan focussed on family priorities
  • Ideas for further assessment
  • Continued monitoring of the child’s progress where this is needed

Referral for this assessment is usually through the Neurodevelopmental Service after the completion of an Neurodevelopmental Service Referral form by a professional involved with a family. After assessment, families and practitioners can seek further advice or review by contacting a team member (see below).

Educational Outreach Support

The CDC Education team also offer practical advice, support and expertise to educational settings after an assessment for a limited period. They share the understandings gained about children during Multi-Agency Assessment with Early Years practitioners and help them to improve and implement personalised plans for their development.

They will also support the engagement of parents and carers in their child’s progress. The Early Years Teachers who work as part of the team also provide Early Years-specific SEN and Disability advice to schools as members of the Specialist Advisory Service.

Contact details

This service is accessed by educational settings by contacting one of the Early Years Teachers.


Telephone: 03033 303971 or 07917 455025