4:30 pm, Thursday, 18th March 2021

Teen Life- Autism programme

Teen Life Programme is a virtual delivery programme for parents/carers of young people aged 10 to 16 years on the autism spectrum.

What is the Teen Life Programme?

Teen Life is a programme for parents and carers of young people on the autism spectrum aged 10-16. The programme includes information on understanding autism in teenagers and covers a range of topics that are relevant to this age group. This is a version of the programme that will be delivered online.

Who is the programme for?

Two places are allocated on the Teen Life Programme for parents or carers whose son or daughter is aged 10-16.

Who runs the programme?

Teen Life is offered by NELC Community Educational Psychology Service autism experienced professionals who have been trained and licensed by The National Autistic Society’s Licensed Training team to run the programme for families in their local area.

What are the aims of the programme and what will we learn about? 

Teen Life aims to empower parents and supporting professionals to understand more about how autism is experienced by autistic teenagers. Useful strategies will be discussed along with the opportunity to share ideas of how to support the autistic person through their teen years. 

Topics covered include understanding autism in teenagers, women and girls, self-esteem, spending time with other people, stress and anxiety, behaviour, puberty, independence skills, education strategies and planning for the future. A Teen Life Programme Book will be provided for each family to accompany the programme.

For further information access the National Autistic Society

Parents / Carers wishing to express interest in participating in the Teen Life programme please email EPtraining@nelincs.gov.uk