3:39 pm, Friday, 2nd July 2021

SEND weekly parent/carer update

This is the SEND weekly parent/carer update for 28 June to 4 July. This week:

Support #DeafblindAwarenessWeek

27 June – 3 July 2021 is Deafblind Awareness Week.

Deafblindness is far more common than many people realise… around 400,000 people are affected by sight and hearing loss in the UK. That’s enough to fill Wembley Stadium nearly five times!

It affects everyone differently, some might need to adjust the settings on their TV or turn up the volume on the phone, and others might need assistance dogs, canes and more formal care.

But for anyone affected, everyday activities can be difficult and time consuming. Imagine trying to book a doctor’s appointment, meet a friend for coffee, or even make dinner if you can’t see or hear very well.

Watch these videos to hear about it first hand. Follow the campaign with the hashtag #DeafblindAwarenessWeek.

Annual skills fair goes virtual for 2021

North East Lincolnshire’s annual skills fair is going virtual for 2021.  

Join other students from 10 am on July 5-18 who will be looking at all the local opportunities to develop their skills and look for a great career.

Each year the local event brings together local school students and prominent colleges, universities and businesses, giving young people the chance to explore education, training and career opportunities on their doorstep. 

This year’s Fair will include local colleges and sixth forms, the University of Hull, offshore wind global leader, Ørsted, multinational energy company Phillips 66, Danish international shipping and logistics company DFDS and electric utility company ENGIE. 

Join the virtual skills fair online.

Compass GO- mental health and emotional wellbeing in schools

Compass provide support for mental health and emotional wellbeing for students in schools. Their focus is on prevention and mild to moderate mental and emotional health needs.

Leanne Cook, Team Leader at Compass joined our SEND Parents Weekly meeting.

Compass will be working with students in our local special schools and alternative provisions in the next school year.

They will offer a range of support such as:

  • Training
  • Peer champions
  • One to one support
  • Pod interventions with small groups of children

Children in special schools can expect to see the same three professionals for support. If they are part of a pod intervention it will be with a smaller group of students.

Their support will continue over the summer including:

  • Virtual support
  • Walk and talk
  • Face to face at Family Hubs

One parent queried that, “I would like my child to see someone, but they ask for her consent.”

Engaging with children to encourage them to seek support when they need it is a big part of their work.

Leanne said, “A massive part of therapy is building relationships with children and families. A child is more likely to join and benefit from support if they know what it involves and how it will help.”

The face-to-face support is also more suited to some children.

There are also other options for children to take advantage of such as parent-led support that the child can be involved in.

Want more from Compass? They have some fun, upbeat wellbeing videos for Primary school aged children. Show your children the Wellbeing Wake-up – YouTube.

Share your views on the effect of Covid-19 and lockdown on SEND

A new study has been launched to learn more about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns on children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Share your views on the effect of Covid-19 and lockdown on SEND.

I am a parent

The study involved parents of children with SEND and their children aged 5-15 years old.

Tell us how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted your and your child.

Tell us what worked well and what more needs to be done for your child with SEND.

There are lots of different ways in the survey for children with SEND to share their views.

Take the Act, Listen, Act survey The survey will take about 20-25 minutes to fill out.

I am a professional

If you work in a school, health or social care setting within Local Authorities or developing policy for children with SEND.

Help identify what has worked well and what has been challenging for children with SEND in your service during the Covid-19 pandemic and what needs to be done to support children with SEND moving forward.

Share your views in a short, 10-15 minute anonymous online survey.

EHC Hub– Unique log in codes

Are you benefitting from the flexibility of the EHC Hub? Many parents and professionals are enjoying using it.

A small number of people have told us that they don’t receive the unique code to log in by text message. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. Our team took quickly action to fix this.

Your text message may take a minute to arrive. If you do not receive it after this time then please try to log in again. This will send a new text message to you.

If you have experienced this problem and would like support please contact Peter Thomas at peter.thomas@nelincs.gov.uk.

North East Lincolnshire Parents Participation (NELPPF)

NELPPF is a collective voice for parents and carers in North East Lincolnshire. They offer guidance and support from 0 to 25 years and make sure that parents’ views and experiences influence local services to make things better.

Email: nelppf@gmail.com
Telephone: 07583 474892


Read the latest National COVID guidance and local guidance.

Follow the Department for Education on social media.

Contact Jennifer.steel@nelincs.gov.uk if you have a query about school exclusions.

SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs Disability Information Advice Support Service).

SENDIASS provides free impartial information, advice and support to disabled children and young people aged 0-25, and those with SEN. Get in touch Monday-Thursday, 8.30am- 4.30pm. Friday 8:30am- 4pm. Leave a message and we’ll get back to you within three days.
Email: nelincs@barnardos.org.uk

Training from SENDIASS

SENDIASS training- Post 16 Transitions

Monday, 12 July, 12.30pm – 2.30pm
This training is designed for parents/carers of children in years 10 or 11 who have a special education need/disability (SEND). Open for anyone whose child is at SEN Support or have an EHCP. Book a place


If you need advice regarding access to health services or feel your child needs additional support in school due to their medical needs please email Sarah Harding, the Designated Clinical Officer for SEND at designatedclinicalofficer@nelincs.gov.uk.

Useful contacts

The Sector Support ‘Community Service Fact Sheet’ has an extensive list of community support available for money, food, wellbeing, welfare and more.
See the Voluntary Sector Alliance website for North East Lincolnshire.
• Report a concern online or call 01472 326292 (opt. 2)
• Support for those isolating without anyone to support them for supplies and more call the Council (01472) 313131
• Health – if you are struggling to manage your symptoms, call 111. If you are in urgent need of medical assistance, call 999
• Domestic Abuse (women and men). NEL Women’s Aid (01472) 575757, and Men’s Helpline, 0808 8010327
• Wellbeing– if you are struggling with your mental health, call (01472) 256256
• Carers’ Support Service (support for informal carers). Go online or call (01472) 242277


Parents/carers are aware that at this anxious time some families have reported struggles with mental health and sought support for the overuse of alcohol.
Alcohol change UK offers COVID tips on alcohol and mental health.
We Are With You provides support for drugs and alcohol. You can also get in touch if you are worried about someone else’s drinking or drug use. Chat online or call- 01472 806890. Local charges apply. They also have information on their Facebook, @wearewithyoucharity.

If you have questions about SEND we are always here to help. Please don’t hesitate to email sen@nelincs.gov.uk. We always try to make sure that children and parents/ carers voices are heard.

These Weekly SEND parent/carer newsletters are shared with teams within education, health and social care as well as parents/carers SENCOs, the DfE and local charities.

If parents/carers or young people over 16 do not have access to the internet or if they prefer to receive paper copies only please contact sen@nelincs.gov.uk.