4:14 pm, Monday, 7th March 2022

Ofsted revisit. Letter to parent carers

You may be aware that we have been expecting an Ofsted/ Care Quality Commission (CQC) Special Educational Needs and Disabilities revisit of North East Lincolnshire Council following on from their initial inspection in July 2018.

Today we have been notified that the revisit will take place on Monday 21, Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 March 2022.

Parent carers are invited to be involved in the inspection process. You will see that Ofsted want to speak to you about the Written Statement of Action. This is a document that was created from their observations during their last visit.

Read the Written Statement of Action on the ‘SEND Local Area Inspection page’. NELC SEND Local Offer | SEND Local Area Inspection (nelincs.gov.uk).

Read the formal letter to parent carers from Ofsted inviting families to be involved in the inspection process.

Ofsted revisit Letter to parent carers. (Word Doc, 139 KB)