4:47 pm, Monday, 9th October 2023

Nominate someone unique for a YOUnique* award

The YOUnique* awards are the evolution of the hugely popular LACE awards for care experienced children and young people.

This year’s awards have been planned by young people from the Our Voice Listen Up group in partnership with children’s social care.  We encourage you to consider and nominate children, young people and adults from all abilities, backgrounds and really celebrate the amazing things that happen in our area.

The categories have been chosen to allow us to share an celebrate all of our YOUnique* talents on what is National celebrate your unique talents day. The categories are as follows:

  • Rising Star award for the child or young person making the most progress in their education training or employment
  • Health and wellbeing award for the child or young person who has overcome challenges to improve their health and wellbeing or helped others with theirs
  • Kindness award for a child or young person who has shown kindness to others
  • Always there to care award for a child, young person or adult who has been there consistently caring and supportive of children in care and care leavers
  • Making a difference award for a child young person or adult who has done something that makes a difference to others through sharing their ideas, volunteering  or fundraising.
  • Facing your fears but doing it anyway award for a child or young person who has pushed themselves to try something new and learn new skills
  • Building Confidence award for a child or young person who has grown in their confidence through something they have done.
  • Independence award for a young person who has demonstrated that they are well prepared for independence or has settled well into independence or for an adult who has helped in this

Nominations are simple and shouldn’t take too long to complete but will make such a difference to shout about and celebrate the amazing care experienced children and young people in our area as well as them being able to celebrate to adults who make a difference in their world.  Please promote this with your colleagues, carers and children and young people you know who would like to nominate or be nominated.

Nominations are open now until 3 November. YOUnique Awards nomination form (office.com)