12:18 pm, Thursday, 26th January 2023

National Storytelling Week

 Next week is National Storytelling Week.

Storytelling week, takes place from 30 January to 5 February 2023.

“National Storytelling Week takes place every year and is a celebration of the power of sharing stories.

“Stories teach us about the world, they allow us to step into someone else’s shoes and feel empathy, they help us to relax and escape and they can help develop essential literacy skills.

“In 2022, nearly 2 in 5 (37.5%) children and young people said they enjoyed listening to audio either very much or quite a lot (find out more in our research report). Our suite of classroom activities for National Storytelling Week will help you to explore the power of listening to stories with your pupils.”

– www.literacytrust.org.uk

Did you know, we have some great local stories from people in our borough with SEND and their families. NELC SEND Local Offer | Celebrating SEND- local stories (nelincs.gov.uk).

We’ve also stocked a great range of books on SEND at our Lincs Inspire libraries.

For young children (up to 8 years)

  • Jaffe, A. and Gardner, L. (2006). My book full of feelings
  • Noah chases the wind
  • Leah’s voice
  • All My Stripes, tells the story of a zebra named Zane who has autism and worries about not fitting in
  • We’re amazing 123, This Sesame Street storybook focuses on a recent character addition — Elmo’s friend Julia, who has autism.

For older children

  • Land, C. (2017). The Superhero Brain. Explaining Autism to Empower Kids
  • Bulhak-Paterson, D. (2015). I am an Aspie Girl
  • Jackson, L. (2002). Freaks, Geeks and Asperger Syndrome: A user guide to adolescence
  • Dura-Vila, G., Levi, T. (2013). My autism book – A child’s guide to their autism spectrum diagnosis
  • Hartman, D. (2015). The growing up book for boys: what boys on the autism spectrum need to know!
  • Hartman, D. (2015). The growing up book for girls: what girls on the autism spectrum need to know!
  • Ironside, V. (2011). The huge bag of worries. London: Hodder Children’s Books
  • Uniquely wired, Julia Cook
  • My friend with autism, Beverly Bishop
  • My life with autism, Eight-year-old Ethan Rice shared his story with others to raise awareness and show what autism means to him
  • The Adventures of Pickle, Author: Zelda Mothins

There are more books for adults with autism, as well as parent carers and professionals. Make sure to pop into your local library and check out a book.