4:15 pm, Wednesday, 15th September 2021

NEL SENCo’s can engage with parents through workshops

Would you like to build parental engagement in children’s learning and development?

Would you like to extend the skills of staff who work with children and young people with SEND?

We can help! Join one or more of our free monthly curriculum workshops at Central Family Hub.

There has never been a time when relationships between parents and schools have been more important. The coronavirus pandemic has been challenging and many families support needs are ongoing. We aim to support families to overcome barriers to education, improving engagement in learning and children’s attendance.

Parent/carers of children with SEND are welcome to invite their school SENCO, teaching assistant, or pastoral support worker from their child’s school to attend the workshop with them. Or maybe you as the SENCO or headteacher know of a parent/carer who you think would like to attend with someone from your school.

The curriculum workshops will run monthly over the academic year covering a range of areas that we know are important to both parents and schools. We would like everyone to gain the skills and confidence needed to help children in key areas like reading, writing, and maths as well as soft skills to help them get organised and stay focused.

These 2 hour curriculum workshops (9:30am – 11:30am) are run by the SEND Parental Engagement Team, SENCos and other service leads from specialist organisations. They are packed full of useful, practical tips, tricks and information. Everyone who attends will leave with their own ‘toolkit’ to get them started at home or at school.

The workshops are being held at Central Family Hub, Edward Street, Grimsby, DN32 9HL. Book your FREE place on Eventbrite. You can attend as many sessions as you would like to!

For more information take a look at NELC SEND Local Offer | Events and training (nelincs.gov.uk)

Tuesday, 28 September- Reading

Reading can be hard work for many children and young people with SEND and it can be difficult to know what to do to help. This FREE workshop is for parents/carers who would like to find out more about how they can support their child with reading.

Tuesday, 19 October- Writing

Writing is just not easy – and some children find it a chore rather than fun. Some children will happily write for pure pleasure, and others have to be encouraged to do even three lines of writing! Join our FREE workshop and find out how can you make writing seem just a bit more attractive.

Tuesday, 23 November- Speech and Language

Talking, understanding others and knowing what to say are really important skills in life. Being able to communicate helps children make friends, learn and enjoy life to the full. This FREE workshops gives you the tips and tricks to support your child’s speech and language skills.

Tuesday, 14 December- Maths

Every family can help their children with maths, you don’t need to be an expert and we can help! Developing number confidence and a positive attitude to maths have a crucial impact on a child’s ability to use numbers in everyday life as they grow.

Tuesday, 25 January- Handwriting and movement skills

Fine motor skill is the coordination of small muscles like hand and eye. The best part about fine motor skills is that these skills can be developed at any time during the day. This FREE workshop will help you understand how to help your child with activities such as using cutlery, dressing, using the toilet, playing and fine movement activities such as writing. It will also explore activities to improve walking, running, balance and co-ordination.

Tuesday, 22 February- Emotions

When children have frequent emotional outbursts, it can be a sign that they haven’t yet developed the skills they need to cope with feelings like frustration, anxiety and anger. Handling big emotions in a healthy, mature way requires a variety of skills. Join this FREE workshop and find out more about self-regulation and boundaries and what parents/carers and teachers can do help.

Tuesday, 29 March- Phonics

Phonics is knowing that sounds and letters have a relationship. In other words, it is the link between what we say and what we can read and write. Some children really struggle with this skill. Join this FREE workshop and discover new ways to help your child with phonics.

Tuesday, 26 April- Attention and impulse control

If sitting still, paying attention, or controlling impulsive behaviour is difficult for a child it can sometimes have a negative impact on school life and home life. Children with these sorts of differences may also be ‘clumsy’, unable to sleep, have temper tantrums and mood swings and find it hard to socialise and make friends. Impulsivity is related to acting on a whim or without thought. Some children find managing this tricky and often do things like take unnecessary risks, blurt things out, don’t wait their turn and interrupt conversations. Join this FREE workshop and explore some tricks and tips that might help you help your child.

Tuesday, 24 May- Organisation

Difficulty with planning can also increase anxiety levels. Imagine if you were asked to fix a broken car.  How does this make you feel?  Unless you are a mechanic, you will likely feel quite anxious. Many children with SEND struggle with organisation and planning. This FREE workshop will help you explore the ways that you can help.

Tuesday, 28 June- Change and transition

Dealing with change is often difficult. Some children may not be able to handle the big emotions that can come with transitions. Transitions are often especially hard for those with emotional or developmental issues, ADHD, Autism, for children with sensory processing challenges, anxiety or OCD. Whatever the cause, understanding why transitions are hard for your child is the first step to making them easier. Join us for this FREE workshop at Central Family Hub from 9:30am-11:30am to find out more.

If any SENCo or Teacher or TA is interested in delivering one or more of these workshops this would be most welcome. It is also a great opportunity to develop skills and CPD. If you are interested please contact clare.linfitt@nelincs.gov.uk.

We are also looking for parents to co-deliver the sessions alongside staff from LA, schools and other agencies. Once again, please contact clare.linfitt@nelincs.gov.uk for more information.

Meet the team

Our SEND Parental Engagement Team work with parents/carers and schools/settings to encourage co-production, engagement and to tackle the underlying barriers to successful education. Our approach is based on strong evidence that when parents and carers have a good relationship with their child’s school/setting and are involved in their learning, life chances and outcomes for children and young people are improved.

We are also recruiting an SEND Information, Advice and Guidance Officer.