7:17 am, Wednesday, 21st June 2023

#LDWeek 2023 myth busting story

This year the national campaign Learning Disability Week is all about busting myths to show that people with Learning Disabilities have fulfilling lives and lots to celebrate.


“People with learning disabilities live boring lives.”


Nurtrio Living our Lives Supported Living Service supports Matt, a 49 year old man who lives in a lovely bungalow in Brigg with another lady with learning disabilities. They are supported 24 hours a day and enjoy their lives tremendously. Last weekend, Matt had a weekend packed with events.

Friday afternoon and evening was spent at the Armed Forces event in Cleethorpes with one of his support team; they were having such a great time they didn’t get home until late evening.

Saturday morning and until early afternoon he spent with his sister and his two great nieces and one of his three great nephews.

Saturday afternoon was spent watching Barton First Cricket Team as he was supporting his nieces partner, who is the captain. On Saturday evening he was supported by his personal assistant to go to a friend’s 40th birthday party.

Father’s Day was a quiet day with a reflective visit to dad’s grave during the afternoon followed by going home to pack for the next day.

On Monday morning, Matt set off for a four night stay at Butlins with six of his mates and three support staff and he’s having a great time!

Nurtrio is a local registered charity and part of the Navigo group. We provide a range of social care services to vulnerable people living in North East Lincolnshire and beyond. Our services are Supported Living for people with complex needs, Domiciliary Care support, Meals on Wheels, Housing Related Support and Personal Assistant Support Services. Look us up on www.nurtrio.co.uk.