2:02 pm, Tuesday, 20th June 2023

Jordan’s Journey – Long Term Employment

Jordan first gained his taste of the workplace when he was supported by Employability Services to undertake a Supported Internship in 2017 as part of his final year at college.

An employer was sourced who was happy to job carve a role for Jordan to enable him to develop the skills he needed to work within the Hospitality Sector. Jordan was job coached by Employability Support Officer Tracy Chaplin to learn hands on skills within this very busy café; A Priest, a Mill and a Ferry.

Jordan is Autistic and has Global Development Delay which means he may take a little longer to learn new tasks and develop the coordination skills needed to carry this out.

Jordan’s hard work was rewarded post college with the offer of paid employment, and this is where he still remains today; a loyal employee. 

Jordan has shown a great sense of resilience since leaving college, as he stepped back into his role post pandemic. This was despite the new social distancing rules, facemask wearing, one-way systems and the trauma of losing his Dad earlier in the year.

All this was possible due to the very supportive nature of his managers; husband and wife team; Maddie and Paul Shaw, who say “Jordan is still learning to be more socially interactive with customers and colleagues and able to do his selected tasks to a high standard as well as assess when something needs doing without prompts”.

Tracy Chaplin (Employability Services), who still works in partnership with Jordan and his employers, says “Having watched Jordan progress over the last few years from a teenager to young adult has been amazing and an absolute credit to himself and his employers. It is a pleasure to continue supporting Jordan whilst he is in paid work”.

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