11:01 am, Tuesday, 25th May 2021

Coming soon! After school bowling event for children with vision loss

The popular bowling night for young people with vision loss is rolling out soon.

The after school event is organised by Lynda Willis, Registered Qualified Habilitation Specialist for the Educational Team for Hearing and Vision.

If bowling is up your alley then come and throw it down with other children from the area.

During the evening all students are discreetly supervised by volunteer staff from the team for Hearing and Vision.

There is also an ‘honorary member’ with SEND who has left school but comes to speak to and support the students.

Once students are dropped off by their families they are expected to use the life skills they have been taught to manage their own money and time.

This includes paying for their lanes and refreshments and knowing what shoe size to ask for.

Organisers from the Education Team for Hearing and Vision said: “In summer 2016 we invited mainstream KS3 and KS4 students with vision loss to our first ever bowling night.

“It has gone from strength to strength and was a regular event until Covid.

“We hope to see a lot of children join in the fun.”

The most important difference the nights have made to the students is the friendships they have formed and the huge amount of fun they have cheering each other on and sharing tips for successful strike.

Participants said:

“He does Braille in school like I do. I didn’t know someone else did it too!”

“Everyone else was earing glasses too!”

“I think I’ve made some friends like me.”

– Local students

Watch this space! Check back on the Local Offer for more details about this event and how to join.