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Independent Living

Independent Travel training

Independent Travel Training  (ITT) is a free scheme for young people aged 14 years and over who are currently in full-time education and are in receipt of local authority transport support.  It will help them to travel independently between college/school and home.

NELC SEND Local Offer | Independent Travel Training – NELC SEND Local Offer (

Doorstep- Young Person’s Specialist Advice Service

Specialist advice on a range of subjects including money matters, benefits, debt, and health & well-being concerns.

Adult social care

Support from adult social care can be discussed from Year 9 onwards. A referral will be made around the time a young person turns 16 years old to establish if they are likely to be eligible for support at age 18.

At age 18 responsibility for social care support will pass from children’s social care services to focus adult social care. When young people move into adult social care there may be a charge for some services. Further information on this will be provided at the assessment you can also ask to see the charging policy.

This PfA.pdf ( provides information on the overlaps between the Children and Families Act and the Care Act.

Contact the Focus adult social care single point of access for more information about their services.

Website: Focus (adult social work)

Telephone: 01472 256256

Watch the video- Focus and Linkage College

In this video you can learn about the post 16, preparing for adulthood process and how it joins up with education and adult social care from Linkage College and Focus.

You can directly text or email us your questions about preparing for adulthood.

You can directly text or email us your questions about preparing for adulthood.

Text: 07585 122306