4:47 pm, Thursday, 29th July 2021

Heads Up substance awareness

Parents and carers are invited to sign up for the Heads Up session.

During the session you will get a basic understanding of substance use in adolescents.

This training was requested by local parents who wanted to know more about the topic like the different kinds of substances and some of the language that their children might be using or hearing.

Understanding drug and substance use can help parents feel more confident as their children grow in independence, branch out into new social groups or prepare to leave home.

Your child may come to you with questions or concerns about drugs and alcohol.
It helps to know ahead of time how you might approach the conversation.

This is a similar approach to educating yourself on internet safety, sexual health, and social opportunities and challenges that affect all young people.

The online session will bring to light some useful pieces of information like drug categories, local trends, and how to manage a young person who is under the influence.

During this session you will become more familiar with the things that young people today might be exposed to.

The training is not tailored to substance use in adolescent with SEND.

The Heads Up training is led in partnership by North East Lincolnshire Councils Young and Safe team, including the Youth Offending team, and “ We Are With You”, a specialist drug service team.

You will join these professionals live over Microsoft Teams so will have the chance to ask questions and put the facts into context.

After the training you will be more knowledgeable on the basics of drugs and alcohol.

You will also come away with useful websites and telephone numbers that you yourself can use and that may help your child.

Sign up for the free session on Thursday, 23 September from 10:00-11:30am.

Learn about:

• Approaches/attitudes to substance use
• Different drug categories
• Trends in North East Lincolnshire
• How to manage a young person if they are under the influence

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