3:39 pm, Monday, 9th August 2021

Guided beach safety walks

Learn about where you live! Join the Cleethorpes Beach Safety Team on a guided beach walk.

During the walk children and young people will lean about all the things they can do to stay safe on the beach.

The beach safety walk is about feeling comfortable and confident in your environment.

Walkers will be asked to spot things in their surroundings like buoys, the waters edge, and beach safety vehicles.

The walk is interactive and participants are encouraged to ask and answer questions.

  • Do you know how many times a day the tide goes in and out?
  • What the risks are at high and low tide?
  • Would you be able to spot a beach safety vehicle and ask for help?

It’s not all about the water.
What wildlife can you spot, what protected species do we have locally, and what should you do if you find an animal?

Even the littlest explorers can develop a sense of pride in themselves for being responsible for the natural environment.

There’s lots to learn about the local area in this active and fun group walk.

The Guided Beach Safety Walk’s will start again in September.

Pick a morning, lunchtime or evening session.

Monday, 6 September
Sunrise- 6:05am
Lunch time- 11:35am
Evening- 6:35pm

Tuesday, 7 September
Sunrise- 6:41am
Lunch time- 12:11pm
Evening- 19:11pm

Wednesday, 8 September
Sunrise- 7:17am
Lunch time- 12:48pm
Evening- 7:48pm

Thursday, 9 September
Sunrise- 7:53am
Lunch time- 1:25pm
Evening- 8:25pm

Monday, 20 September
Sunrise- 6:00am
Lunchtime- 11:44am
Evening- 6:44pm

Tuesday, 21 September
Sunrise- 6:37am
Lunchtime- 12:17pm
Evening- 7:17pm

Wednesday, 22 September
Sunrise- 7:11am
Lunchtime- 12:47pm

Thursday, 23 September
Sunrise- 7:46am
Evening- 8:17

Beach Safety:

139 Central Promenade
North East Lincolnshire
DN35 8SE

Opening times: 9am to 6pm from 1 April to 31 September
Telephone: 01472 323356