11:37 am, Thursday, 8th September 2022

Friday! International Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Day


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September is FASD Awareness Month

The 9th day of the 9th month is International  FASD Day. This is to draw attention to the importance of going alcohol-free for the 9 months of  pregnancy. In the UK we celebrate September FASD Awareness Month.

Hattie is the daughter of two of the leaders of your local Parent Carer Forum, NELPCF. She has FASD and stars in this video!

30 Days of FASD Action & Awareness • Let’s Make Some Noise!

We have a fun-packed month of action planned for September 2022!

Calendar of FASD Month events can be found on International FASD Day

This year for FASD September FASD Awareness Month, National FASD is providing resources and support for daily actions to help raise awareness of FASD and to promote wellbeing and support for those with FASD and those who care for them. Stay tuned!! 

For every day on our FASD Action Calendar below we will provide blog posts with resources, links, sample letters and all that you need to make this the most exciting FASD month yet. You are free to use what you’d like and to adapt things as needed for your local area. We can’t wait to see your creativity and energy in action.

Activities will include things you can easily do. Some will be for parents/ carers, practitioners, and of course we’ll have some fun suggestions for people with FASD too.

Check back regularly every day in September.

Find out more about this campaign. International FASD Day – National FASD