6:02 pm, Monday, 18th September 2023

EHC Hub. Request change of banding or setting/ Version 9 updates

Request a change of banding or education setting

Two forms have been added to the EHC Hub for professionals to request a change of banding, and a change of education setting.

1. Request for change of Banding: https://tell-us.questionpro.eu/t/AB3uoi9ZB3viAY

2. Request for change of Education Setting: https://tell-us.questionpro.eu/t/AB3uoi9ZB3vh88

SENCo’s will be able to see the links on EHC Plan Review Consultation and EHC Plan Review Report pages.

Settings will be required to provide the information on these forms before the request goes to panel.

Version 9 EHC Hub improvements

The following are new and improved features in version 9:

  • Redesigned parent dashboard
  • Additional guidance for parents on every stage of the pathways
  • Clearer guidance for users registering their account
  • Increased password complexity for security
  • Updated framework for improved behaviours on small devices
  • Redesigned work tray filters for improved usability on small devices
  • More options for sorting cases in work trays
  • Single combined list of users for administrators
  • New space for the local authority’s name in the website header

Retired features

The following are retired features in version 9:

  • Custom logo in the website header
  • Custom background colour in the website header