4:33 pm, Thursday, 11th January 2024

Do you know about the free Maternal Wellbeing Service?

We are a free, friendly Maternal Wellbeing Service that can support women with their wellbeing throughout their journey to motherhood.

We help support mothers wanting to conceive, those who are pregnant and post-birth up to the infants first birthday (after this date would be a normal referral to the wellbeing service).

We provide the opportunity, time and space to talk. We can support with low mood, anxiety, stress management, confidence, self-esteem, daily routine and finding focus in life.

Also, other wider wellbeing challenges that can affect their emotional and physical wellbeing such as relationship issues, housing and financial issues.

This is done through a behaviour change coaching model. We can offer face-to face support at a variety of community settings for ease of access for our clients.

Over the phone and video messaging are also considered. Our programme will consist of up to 9 sessions and follow ups within the first year after birth.  

We are working closely with the Family Hubs, Midwifery, Health Visitors, GPs and other relevant services to reach the women in need.

Our overall goal is to reduce prematurity rates within North East Lincolnshire. In doing so, it is vital to understand/ recognise the complexity of motherhood by providing holistic wellbeing support to highlight personal challenges that may arise during motherhood.

Reasons for referral:  

  • Over 18 
  • NEL resident 
  • Not being referred into Tobacco Dependency Advisors or Maternal Weight Management Team  IF PREGNANT ONLY.
  • Not wanting to engage with other services offered 
  • Previous Miscarriage/ Pre-term Birth 
  • Low level mental health (e.g anxiety/ low mood/ stress/ confidence/ self-esteem)  – Please note that this is not a psychological or clinical service.
  • Social user of alcohol and drugs 
  • Unhealthy behaviours/ support with coping strategies 
  • Daily routines or finding focus in life
  • Debt/ financial concerns 
  • Housing, children and family issues 
  • Any wider wellbeing challenges. 
  • Exclusion Criteria: 
  • Clients who are under Perinatal Mental Health Services 
  • Clients referred to the Tobacco Dependency Team IF PREGNANT ONLY!
  • Clients referred to Maternal Weight Management Team IF PREGNANT ONLY! 
  • On Universal Plus Pre-Birth Pathway IF PREGNANT ONLY!
  • Clients under social services at Child in Need or Child Protection level.

Referrals can be self referral or if you are wanting to refer a client into our service, please follow the link   

Maternal Wellbeing Service – LiveWell (nelincs.gov.uk)

Please if you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the below contact information. 

Kind Regards

Sarah Allen and Chloe Wright

Maternal Wellbeing Worker, Wellbeing Service, North East Lincolnshire Council