1:18 pm, Monday, 9th October 2023

UPDATE: Extended until Monday 13 November. Competition time! Design the YPAG logo

The YPAG Logo competition has been extended until Monday 13 November to give schools more time to submit competition entries around the half-term break. Take a picture of your submissions and send them to lauren.thompson2@nelincs.gov.uk.

Hi! Our names are Lauren and Annie. Part of our jobs at North East Lincolnshire Council is to run the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Young People’s Advisory Group.

This is a very long name, so we call it SEND YPAG. Can you guess why?

Find out more about the group NELC SEND Local Offer | Young People’s Advisory Group (YPAG) – NELC SEND Local Offer (nelincs.gov.uk)

We would really like your help to create a logo for this group.

A logo is a picture or drawing that is used by a person, group, or company to mark who they are.

A company or group can use a ‘logo’ on the things that they make, or on the things they sell and in adverts.

When a person sees the logo picture, that person knows that the thing they see the logo on came from that company.

Most logos are very simple drawings with only a small number of colours.

Logos are not used only by companies. Many schools have logos. Some cities have logos. Clubs can have logos. Even people can have their own logos if they want. The heraldic badge is probably the oldest form of logo in the world.

Watch this and Julian and Malachi will tell you all about Logos.

Here is a link to a Logo quiz game. How many logos do you recognise? Logo Quizzes | Identify 100s of Cool Symbols! | Beano.com

So do you think you can help? Can you design a logo for North East Lincolnshire (or NE Lincs) SEND YPAG.

We can’t wait to see your ideas! Please email them to lauren.thompson@nelincs.gov.uk by Friday 27 October.

When YPAG have chosen the winning design, we will invite the winning designer and your headteacher to visit the design and print hub in the Council Offices in Grimsby to see the logo being made into a digital version ready to use on our letters, emails and social media and we will take you on a visit to the TIME TRAP Museum at Grimsby Town Hall. Time trap | NELC (nelincs.gov.uk)

Thank you so much for helping.

Here are some examples of other SEND young people’s group logos.