4:23 pm, Tuesday, 5th April 2022

COMPETITION – Design a logo and/or create a catchy name


The community that receive and provide speech, language and communication services have told us that it’s sometimes hard to find the information they need, when they need it, and know what information can be trusted.

That’s why we’re creating a brand-new website where families, school/setting staff and other professionals will be able to access a wide range of trusted information to help support children and young people with any level of speech, language and communication need.

The first stage will focus on developing a logo and name for the website so it is easy to recognise and understand what it’s about when seen. 

Other areas in the country have done the same thing and here is a couple of examples of the logos and names that they created:

Get involved in this exciting competition… so the people that will benefit from the website are involved with its creation.

If there is a young person that does not use these services, we’d still love them to get involved – especially if they have a passion for creativity and are excited about being part of something brand new that will support others in their community.

Sounds good? What to do now:

Some tips and suggestions for entering the competition:

  • The competition is open to any child or young person aged 5-18 years
  • Make a design that describes visually what your logo is about
  • Use eye catching colours and shapes, images and drawings
  • Use creative but bold lettering for your logo design so people can read it easily, and it can be viewed large or small and people can still read it
  • It is best to use a computer to design it, but you could design on paper too so it can be scanned in
  • Please put the design on an A4 page.
  • Most important BE CREATIVE!

How to make the competition entry:

  • Scan and email the design entry to: consultation@nelincs.gov.uk along with School name, child/young person name, age and contact details.
  • The deadline date for entry is:  29 April 2022
  • Winners will be notified by: 31 May 2022

The second phase to the development of the website will be to build the content.  Further communication will follow about this as we are keen that families/carers and professionals get involved.  However, if you know anyone that would like to be involved with the second stage of work (family and/or professional) then please forward their contact details to:  Donna.Redhead@nhs.net

We look forward to seeing all the wonderful entries.

Donna Redhead,
Service Manager  –  On behalf of NELC and NELCCG