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Speech Language and Communication engagement

Take the 4 question survey, Improve speech, language and communication services.

Why are we asking for your views

We know that some of the current services don’t fully meet the needs of our children and young people, so we want to hear from families about what is good and what needs to be better.

It’s important that no child is left out or left behind because of any difficulties with speaking, understanding or communicating. We’re hearing from lots of different people who support children such as family hubs, nurseries and pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, hospital teams and many more. Together we want to improve services for children so things are better both day to day and to help them reach their future goals.   

Who is leading the work to improve services

To help us understand how things are now and where we can make improvements, we’ve set up a Strategic Speech, Language and Communication Need Group where many organisations are coming together to discuss these services.

We’ve also set up a number of working groups looking at particular services, such as services for children that are looked after, early years services (0-5 years), school age children (5-18 years), children with a hearing and vision impairment and children supported by Youth Justice services. These groups will tell us what works well and what needs to change.

We want to have a shared vision amongst families and people supporting children about what a good service is like, so that any changes come from what people tell us.  

The Strategic Group meet every two months so we’ll be updating you with the progress of this work after each meeting.

What you’ve already told us in March and April, 2021

We ran a survey in April 2021 and below is a link to what you told us then. You told us about some good experiences but also things you found difficult. These views will be shared with the strategic group and working groups so they can use them to improve services.

Speech, language and communication services in North East Lincolnshire survey, March and April 2021 (Word, 57 KB) – downloadable document

You already voted!