3:52 pm, Thursday, 13th June 2024

NE Lincs SENCo Newsletter- Thursday, 13 June 2024

Thank you

North East Lincolnshire Council SEND Team would like to thank all SENCo’s and school staff for their involvement in the Delivering Better Value in SEND project so far.

Your experiences, feedback, insights and engagement this year continues to evolve into targeted training and development opportunities, has informed our new SLCN provision, and continues to provide us with a greater understanding of the ways we can support SENCo’s to continue to support children and young people.

Engagement, participation and constructive discussion at the various training courses has been positive and has led to further opportunities to work together and develop our graduated approach of provision.

Recently, over 70% of primary schools attended the ‘Creating effective learning environments’ training course facilitated by the Learn SEND Hub as part of the project. This course will be repeated in October 2024 for secondary colleagues. We have trained 180 staff across early years, health teams and social care in the Intensive Interaction communication model and will continue to offer funded access to training courses and workshops throughout 2024/25.

We look forward to continuing to work with you over the following academic year.

Training & CPD opportunities

Person Centred Planning

What is it?

Facilitated by Helen Anderson Associates this training for professionals and school staff focuses on Person Centred Planning. This course is suitable and would be valuable for any practitioner who writes support plans for children and young people, specifically children who may have SEND needs. The training compliments the wider work around effective target setting we are completing.

A detailed course brief and introduction video is available on the Event Brite listings page.

When is it?

  • Session 1 : Friday 20th September 9.30 – 12.00
  • Session 2: Friday 27th September 9.30 – 12.00
  • Session 3: Friday 4th October 9.30 – 12.00
  • Session 4: Friday 11th October 9.30 – 12.00

Each session is 3 hours in length and all need to be completed

Where is it?

Delivered virtually via Zoom.
All resources are provided prior to the first session

Who is it for?

Any professional from health, social care, community settings or education who write support plans for children

Booking Link: Person Centred Planning – September dates

A Guide to the Mental Health Experiences and Needs of Autistic Teenagers

What is it?
The course covers three essential criteria:

1. Understanding Autistic Identity: Gain insights into the unique experiences of autistic teenagers. 2. Exploring Mental Health Experiences: Learn about the mental health challenges faced by autistic individuals. 3. Proactive Support Strategies: Discover effective strategies to support their well-being.
This learning is also beneficial for those wanting to understand more about the mental health needs of those with autism.

When is it?

This module will take between 60 – 90 minutes to complete.

Where is it?

Online via link below.

E-learning (autism.org.uk)

Who is it for?

Any professional from health, social care, community settings or education who work with children and young people aged 13-18 who have autism
Suitable for parents and carers.

Trauma Training

Children and Young Peoples Trauma Informed Care Programme Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership have developed the Children and Young People’s Trauma Informed Care Programme and are delighted to offer a mixture of half day and full day sessions. Please see below and book onto the most appropriate course according to your role.

Awareness Training

For anyone who has direct or regular contact with children and young people, who may be affected by trauma. This is a short, targeted 45-minute training session.

The aims of this training are as follows:

  • Define trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the potential impact of it on people
  • Understand Trauma informed practice and care and how we can respond more effectively to support people
  • Identify sources of support for yourself and professional colleagues

To access the e-learning training, please go onto Academy-NEL, click on the ‘Online’ button and from the course library, select ‘Children and Families’ and then ‘Trauma’ and you will be able to start the course.

Developmental Trauma Introduction

All staff who have direct or regular contact with children and young people who may be affected by trauma (even if this is not known about).

This half day training covers the following:


  • Define the meaning of trauma
  • Explore how early trauma can impact on development
  • Explore the key principles of Trauma Informed practice
  • Make sense of behaviour through a Trauma Informed lens
  • Consider how Trauma Informed practice can be applied within your role

Monday 15 July 2024: 9.30 am – 12.30 pm, Centre4
Book: Half Day ARC Training – North East Lincolnshire – AM Tickets, Mon 15 Jul 2024 at 09:30 | Eventbrite


Monday 15 July 2024: 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm, Centre4
Book: Half Day ARC Training – North East Lincolnshire – PM Tickets, Mon 15 Jul 2024 at 13:30 | Eventbrite

If you have any queries about this training, please contact Hey Mind who are organising this training via TraumaTraining@heymind.org.uk.

Trauma Informed Training

For all those working on a daily basis with Children and Young People

This full day training is a more in-depth training session for all staff who have direct or regular contact with Children and Young People, who may be affected by trauma. This level of training will support those working on a daily basis with Children and Young People.


  • To guide in how to address developmental trauma in children and young people.
  • Build on thoughtful practices that are already part of an organisation
  • Explore the principles of the ARC Framework.
  • Define complex trauma and identify at least 3 consequences of early complex trauma exposure.
  • Define Trauma-informed Practice
  • Support in giving you the tools to intervene in Children’s & Young People’s lives in a meaningful way to address their need for; a sense of safety, skills to regulate their emotions/physical experience.
  • Support to help you identify gaps in competencies needed for healthy development.

Tuesday 18 June 2024: 9.30 am – 4.00 pm, Centre4
Book: Full Day ARC Training – North East Lincolnshire Tickets, Tue 18 Jun 2024 at 09:30 | Eventbrite

Identifying and Responding to Intra-Familial Child Sexual Abuse

For all those working with children, young people and families.
This e-learning course from the Centre for Child Sexual Abuse is available to all those working with children on identifying and responding to intra-familial child sexual abuse.
This training will take 90 minutes to complete and consists of 3 engaging models, with interactive tasks, video explainers and a final assessment.

Access the course: eLearning | CSA Centre

Writing effective SMART targets

What is it?

What are SMART targets? How can they be used when planning curriculum, personal targets and supporting children with existing support plans? This is an introductory session to SMART targets that will equip delegates with simple, easy to implement strategies and a framework for success.

When is it?

Each session is 90 minutes with a follow up drop in session (60-90 minutes) recommended

The course can be delivered during staff meetings, INSET days or during twilight sessions

Where is it?

In person training, in school.

Who is it for?

Any education professional who write support plans for children
Teachers, Middle Leaders, Support staff + SENCO’s

Booking Link

via email to Victoria.birkwood@nelincs.gov.uk

SEND law for SENCO’s

What is it?

Faciliated by IPSEA, a course designed to support SENCO’s to remind themselves of SEND law, how to implement this in school. Filled with practical application examples and case studies, this course helps SENCO’s be legally compliant and ensure they feel empowered to support their learners.

When is it?

7 November 2024

Where is it?

Oline, via Zoom link

Who is it for?

SENCO’s and Assistant SENCO’s who work in primary, infants, junior, secondary and specialist settings

Booking Link via email to Victoria.birkwood@nelincs.gov.uk

Reminder-Next SENCo network!

The next SENCO Network is being held on Monday 8 July 2024.

The theme is Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) and each delegate will receive a WELLCOMM toolkit and a one year licence to Widgits!

Booking link: SENCO Network – July 2024

National Award for TA’s

Become a Higher Level Communication Practitioner (HLCP) and gain national recognition for your role as the teaching assistant or early years practitioner in your setting with specific responsibility for supporting children and young people with SLCN and liaising with colleagues. This new role will involve linking with local SLCN and SaLT services.

This new national award is for teaching assistants and early years practitioners in early years, primary, secondary, and special settings.

More information about the award, eligibility criteria, pilot programme timeline and costs can be found at www.elklan.co.uk/HLCP.

If you are interested in becoming an HLCP, click below to either:

All of this information can be found on our website: www.elklan.co.uk/HLCP

Live information sessions

We have scheduled some live information sessions for Teaching assistants (TAs) early years (EY) practitioners.

Click below to book:

Live webinars for local SLCN and SaLT managers and teams can be booked on our website at www.elklan.co.uk/HLCP.

If you have questions about SEND we are always here to help. Please don’t hesitate to email sen@nelincs.gov.uk. If you have any questions about SEND, inclusion, CPD or opportunities to work with us please contact victoria.birkwood@nelincs.gov.uk.