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Independent living

Information on our website for local housing options can be found on our Housing advice and assistance page. For further information about housing and care please visit the Services4me – Care homes and housing options.

Care homes and housing options Focus, adult social care.

Christina now lives in her own flat. You can read Christina’s housing story below.

Preparing for adulthood – Christina’s Story

“I liked living with Mum and Dad but they live in a village there was not many buses or trains so I always had to ask them to take me in the car to see my friends. I really wanted to live in Grimsby or Cleethorpes so that I could see my friends more often. I was very pleased when I was given my own flat in Cleethorpes through the Housing Project and was excited when I chose and bought a red leather suite to put in my sitting room.”

“Now I am independent and like the peace and quiet of my own flat. I make my own choices each day and have support to cook my own meals, do the housework and shopping.”

“I still like going to stay with Dad but always look forward to going back to my own flat.  I have had a person centred plan and I also have a paid job. I pay Hayley from my Personal Budget; she supports me in my job and meets me off the bus to help me cross the very busy road.”

“I have a busy life, travel independently and go to activities that I enjoy like the Gym, the Rock Foundation and Foresight where I see a lot of my friends and to Linkage’s Moving on Partnership to develop my life skills.”

“I enjoy singing and dancing with my friends at the Stamford Club, O’Neill’s or Zebedee. I go to my church – Side Door Church and once a month I help run a church group with my dad for adults with learning difficulties.”

“I am very happy with my life.”