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North East Lincolnshire Parent Participation Forum

North East Lincolnshire Parent Participation Forum (NELPPF)

NELPPF is a collective voice for parents and carers in North East Lincolnshire. They offer guidance and support from 0 to 25 years and make sure that parents’ views and experiences influence local services to make things better.

This July three dedicated members announced their resignation from NELPPF.
Contact will be supporting the forum as it transitions to a new host organisation.

By working together NELPPF can make parents voices heard and raise other people’s awareness of our children’s needs and recognition of our role as parent carers.

Together your views and experiences can be received more clearly and strongly.

NELPPF include parents, grandparents and foster parents, of children and young people with any learning difficulties, complex health needs, rare disorders and genetic conditions, physical and hidden disabilities, mental health and those with sensory needs, challenging behaviour and those who haven’t received a diagnosis.

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Facebook: @NELPPF

Twitter: @NELPPF



Telephone: 07583 474892

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