3:00 pm, Friday, 14th June 2024

Council for Disabled Children Training Offer 2023-25

As part of the Early Years SEND Partnership programme, the Council for Disabled Children offers targeted training to local areas in receipt of the Start for Life and Family Hubs programme funding. We have two main training packages we can offer between November 2023 and March 2025:

Equality Act Training in the Early Years for Practitioners

The Council for Disabled Children offers training on understanding disability duties and discrimination according to the Equality Act (2010). We can improve access and inclusion in education settings for disabled children and those with SEN by increasing practitioners’ understanding of disability duties and their responsibilities to make reasonable adjustments.

This two-hour training session will:

  • Improve senior leaders’, teachers’ and practitioners’ understanding of the Equality

Act, disability duties, and how the legislative framework applies to their own practice.

  • Develop senior leaders’, teachers’ and practitioners’ confidence to have positive conversations with parents, carers and children and young people about reasonable adjustments.
  • Enable stakeholders to establish a shared vision of improving inclusion and access in education settings and schools in line with Equality Act duties.

Sensory Processing in the Early Years for Practitioners

Processing sensory information is a key part of early year’s children ability to learn, grow, and make sense of the world around them. Understanding children’s different sensory processing needs, and how we can adapt the environment to cater to these needs, can significantly improve a child’s learning experiences.

This two-and a half-hour training session will:

  • Introduce sensory processing – what it is and why it matters
  • Increase understanding of the 8 sensory systems and sensory processing differences
  • Explore how to create sensory environments that support children with different needs
  • Signpost to where to get further support where needed

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